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2 Easy Steps to Master Your Elevator Pitch

  I've run into it many times. I'm sure that you have, too.   It has happened to me at networking events, when talking with new clients and other business owners.  It's the far-from-clear-and-way-too-broad elevator pitch. Raise your hand more

Icant afford it
How to Overcome "I Can't Afford It"

  Ah…mastering the art of the sales conversation is something that I get to work on with my clients each and every week. It’s my favorite part of supporting amazing business owners to go from one or two clients to a completely more

What Does A Mullet Have To Do With Your Business?

  Mullets are amazing.   My favorite definition of a mullet is “business in the front and party in the back”.    I can’t say that I’ve had one myself, but I’ve seen quite a few.    Regardless of the hairstyle more

So…are you ready to make your unique and beautiful mark on the world?

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