know-your-customersAs we discussed in last weeks post , there is one thing that you must, must, MUST focus on to grow your customer base.  It’s the KL&T Factor.  Your ideal clients must know, like and trust you before they consider purchasing your products and services.

The first time you go to a website or meet someone, you are unlikely to buy right then.  You want to learn about the person, the business, and what they stand for before you hand over some of those green things in your wallet.

Now that you are familiar with how you can build the TRUST portion of this key to business building success, we’re going to dive in to the KNOW portion.

Letting your customers know what you stand for and that you are a real person seems counter intuitive, I get it.  You want to focus on the customer and their needs.  You can do both.

To help your ideal clients get to KNOW you, here are a few of my favorite strategies.


Build Your ABOUT Page

This is the most visited page on your website so make it good.

Get personal in this space, let down your guard, and give your readers insight about why you do what you do.  Was there a certain event that led you to pursue your passion?  What about a failure or a challenge that you overcame?

The lesson:  Upgrade your ABOUT page on your website to tell your story and let down your guard at least a little bit.  Be real and be open and you’ll see the results as more potential clients convert to be your current clients.


Do NOT Be a Stranger

Communicate with your ideal clients on a regular basis.  Get over yourself if you think that they are going to get annoyed at you if you call or email them.  Trust me, they won’t.

They want to meet you, to engage with you, and buy from you.  They just need to feel comfortable with you first.

Pick up the phone to call them.  Ask them questions and share your experiences.  Start off your regularly scheduled newsletter with a personal story.

The lesson:  Engage with your target customers (and current customers) in a way that allows you to impart at least a little bit of your personality on them.  Make a joke, share a story, be real.

Don’t assume that your customer is happy just because you haven’t heard from them.  Don’t assume that your ideal customers are going to get annoyed if you call or email them.  They WANT to know you and to know that you value their business.


Have Professional Photos Taken

Post your pretty little mug everywhere.  Take the time to have some professional photos taken and plaster that baby on your website, your social media profiles, and even consider using it on your business card.

And yes…I’m going to go there.  Upgrade you blog to include videos of you talking about blog specific content or post a video on your homepage. Give your customers a chance to hear you speak, to see you smile, and start to KNOW you on a more personal level.

If you are already doing video posts on your website, I’m going to challenge you to step it up another level to reach out to your connections and find opportunities to present your business, your offerings, and why your customers need your services at LIVE events.

The lesson:  Post your pretty face every opportunity that get.  Make videos and speak to your target clients regularly to build the know factor.

Remember, in my sales training I learned that it can take a customer 7-10 interactions before they feel comfortable enough to engage with you and to consider purchasing your product.  SO don’t be a stranger.  Let down your guard, let your customers know who you are and reach out to them on a regular basis.  Moving the needle up a notch so that you continue to move them along the continuum towards knowing you, knowing your business, and purchasing your services.


You CAN do this!


Please share at least one action you’ll take this week to build the know factor with your current and future clients in the comment section below.


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