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I’m sooooo excited to share this interview with Nikki Elledge Brown with you.  As you’ll hear in the audio, I pretty much stalked out Nikki.  I stalked her in a nice and professional way, of course.  


Dandelion in the Wind


 Let’s get into why you really really really want to listen to this interview. 


(1)    She clearly demonstrates how YOU can create copy (think blog posts, emails, sales pages) more quickly and more authentically.  No English degree required.


(2)    She was a park ranger in a previous life.  In my opinion, if you wear a badge at any point in your life, you instantly climb the ranks and enter the world of awesome


(3)    You’ll find out why you want to grab a free copy of The Conversational Copy Cheat Sheet that’s available on her website


(4)    Nikki is engaging, funny, and real.  Oh yeah, and brilliant.


(5)    You’ll learn why you must, must, MUST have a clear idea who your target client is and what he or she wants.   


(6)    Do you really need another reason?  I didn’t think so.  Click on the link to the audio below and let’s get the party started! 


Please click here to listen to the interview with Nikki.  


Now that you’ve listened to Nikki’s insight, please share your biggest “ah-ha” from the interview.  What will you change in your business moving forward?  

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