Thinking positive, looking on the bright side and making sure you approach your life and your business with a “glass half full” mentality sounds great. It really does. I mean, who wants to have a glass that is half empty? I know that I don’t. (Especially if we are talking about margaritas.)

Two secret trap doors open up when this is someone’s sole approach to getting what they want most in their life.

The first trap door is pretty obvious: the challenge arises when you, me, or the person next to you chooses to only wish and dream but doesn’t follow it up with any real action. By now you should know that you have to take some action. A LOT of action. And, I am pretty sure that you’ve heard this before, but HOPE isn’t a strategy.

Consistent, imperfect action is the key to achieving the business and life you dream about.


What I want you to really think about today is that sneaky 2nd door. It isn’t nearly as obvious.

What many people (and I was in this camp for a long time) don’t realize is that only 5% of your thoughts are conscious. Stop and read that again: ONLY 5% of your thoughts are conscious.

The remaining 95% of your thoughts are subconscious. So, guess what? Ninety-five percent of the time you may be thinking about old, negative junk that isn’t serving you. And you can’t switch it around to work in your favor if you don’t even know what’s there.




So, let me give you an example to help make it more clear what hides behind the 2nd secret door. I’m going to help you discover what may working against you.

As you may know, the reason that I’m building my business empire is because of my family. I want to spend more time with each and every one of them and I want to make amazing memories with them on vacations, over holidays and by having the time to spend with them. On my terms.

I want them to have amazing vacations, experiences, and education opportunities.


What I didn’t realize was that behind that sneaky second door in my brain were beliefs as to why this couldn’t happen. For example, when I reflected on the “rules” that were in my own mind, I realized that this is what was being repeated to me OVER and OVER and OVER again 95% of the time:


Running your own business means spending nights, weekends and every spare minute working.

Making a lot of money requires me to be constantly stressed and again, working 24-7.

Stress and late nights = “success”.

Building my dream business was going to require lots of hard work.

Money doesn’t come easily. You can only build your empire one penny at a time. So, hoard every nickel and dime.

If you work hard enough on your own, you can figure it all out.

In essence, 95% of the time I was telling myself that to achieve the business I wanted – working 4 days/week, taking a lot of time off, spending nights, weekends, and afternoons with my family – I would have to do just the opposite of what I wanted most in my life.

Talk about being contradictory.

Can you see how I could’ve sabotaged my own success? Do you see how it was unlikely that I could give 150% of myself to making my dream business come alive if 95% of the time I was telling myself that if I did, it wouldn’t result in the exact opposite of what I really wanted???

What I’m asking of you today isn’t easy.

It also isn’t hard.

Homework: Take 30 minutes and sketch out the house that you grew up in. Picture the living room, where you ate dinner and where you slept. Ask yourself…what type of “rules” might have been created in your mind as you grew up as it relates to making money, what “work” looks like, or anything else?

Then, write down everything that comes to mind. Revisit this list a few days later and see if any of these “rules” need to be upgraded (chances are that most, if not all, of them need to be rewritten to support you and where you want to go). Now, rewrite them in a positive frame and post them in your bathroom, by your computer, and in your car. It’s time that we start writing the next chapter of your life and your business success on your terms. Let’s not think about what appeared to be true in the past. Let’s focus on what we want and what is true for us today.


Please share: What “rules” have you uncovered for yourself? What is a positive reframe of that “rule”?


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