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Want a clear plan for creating offers that sell, marketing your business AND making more money?

Hi, and welcome!  I’m Krista Martin, founder of Make Your Mark.  I’m so glad that you are here.

You are in the right placpurple_head_shote if you are a coach, consultant, or service based entrepreneur that is ready to reach the financial success and freedom that you’ve been dreaming about…

Or, if you find yourself working really hard, scrambling to get enough clients to support your income goals but it’s not quite working…

Maybe you love building your biz online but are secretly thinking… 

“There has to be a better way!”

I know what it’s like to be stuck because I was there at one time, too.

It’s ZERO fun.


Nada.Krista 5 Step System

I’m excited to share with you how to quickly and easily make your dream business your new reality.  Through my own trial and error, mistakes and heartache, I have identified a strategic 5 Step System to get more clients and make more money month after month.  


But before we get to the details, I want to ask you….

  • What if you were to follow a step-by-step plan that actually works to get clients and make a lot of money?
  • What if you only worked part-time – as in 30 or less hours and spent more time doing the things you love (learning, spending time with family, getting a massage, traveling…)?
  • What if you had a plan to follow that you knew would work and that you didn’t second guess?
  • What would it mean to tell your spouse or family that you made 5 figures each month?
  • And best of all…What if you knew you could reach your client and revenue goals this year?

What would your life look like if you could say “yes!” to everything above?


Well, I’m here to tell you….No more wondering and worrying. It’s YOUR time.


I am inviting you to join me and other online business owners in The Online Business Accelerator.  Here, you will know what to do and when and you’ll be able to clearly see how to grow your biz online in order to strategically building your dream business + life.   That’s what this is about.   It’s about shifting YOUR momentum and choosing to do something new. 


If you are serious about upleveling your online business in a major way, you must choose to do something new.


Something big. And something that feels a little bit scary.

Because, afterall, you already know that success isn’t achieved by playing small.

And I’ve got just the program to catapult YOU to the next level!

if you want something youve never had half size



Welcome to the Online Business Accelerator 

I designed this custom coaching program to give YOU the easiest and fastest path to more income, less work hours, more clients, and to make an impact doing work you love (Make Your Mark).

So, who exactly is this program for?

Coaches, consultants and service based entrepreneurs who are ready for a simple, step-by-step plan that will help check-mark-3-512grow their business and earn a lot more income

check-mark-3-512Action takers who know that what they’re doing isn’t working and they need to find a better way

check-mark-3-512Entrepreneurs who have a passion and want to serve but also know that a business is not a business if it isn’t profitable

check-mark-3-512Highly motivated online business owners who know they need help fitting together the critical pieces of online business: mission, offers, sales, marketing and mindset

Here’s what we’ll cover during the program:


  • Your Signature System – Design and establish your Signature System (this can be the basis for tons of products, free offers, what you’re known for, speaking gigs, etc. But don’t worry if you don’t have this..20558740_s.I will help you get this figured out!)
  • Planning out your offers – What are you offering?  Are you offering enough?
  • Your Prospects – What is your target market buying?
  • Multiple Income Streams – Create different offers at different price points to appeal to all types of clients in your market (and clients with different learning styles too)
  • Sales Funnel – Craft a machine that draws prospects in and naturally nurtures them to continuously buy from you
  • Launch Execution – pre and post launch planning so that EVERY launch is a money maker

Marketing to Build the Know, Like and Trust Factor Among Prospects

  • Buying Triggers – Discover what, why and when your target market buys
  • YOU, the Expert – How to position yourself as THE expert in your field ( say “bye” to being a best kept secret)
  • Brand Consistency – We’ll make sure your blog, newsletter and website are on brand and SELL
  • Affiliate Magic – I’ll show you exactly how to get referral partners to sell FOR YOU
  • Testimonials – Use my system for getting happy clients to write the perfect (sales-worthy) testimonials
  • Sales Conversations Galore – Learn how to naturally promote and schedule sales conversations with your ideal clients

Sales, Sales and More Sales

  • The Call to Action – Get your prospective clients to say “yes!”10299801_s
  • Selling vs. Influencing vs Marketing – Learn the difference between the 3 along with what works for YOUR audience
  • The Sales Convo – I’ll teach you the 5 key parts (the anatomy) of a successful sales conversation
  • Objections – I’ll give you my formula for exactly how to handle objections
  • The MONEY – A strategic follow up process is crucial to not leaving $1,000′s of dollars behind
  • Analytics – Learn what metrics I use to track what works (so you can repeat those strategies and tweak what doesn’t work)

The Power in Your Online Presence

  • Social Media – I’ll give you my “easy peasy” (beats overwhelm) system for how to tackle social media
  • Websites – We’ll tackle the most important components of your website (ensuring it is selling for you)
  • List Building – A critical and never-ending online business strategy, we’ll develop your strategy such that this is happening every month, automatically
  • Strategy – You’ll learn the systems to put in place to be present: on social media, on your website, with your blog, in your newsletter, and everywhere else online

Planning and Purposeful Action

  • Goals – Plan, with intention, exactly where you’re going.  We’ll look at your short and long term goals.  You have to be clear about where you’re going in order to plan how to get there
  • Strategic Plan - After establishing your goals, we’ll lay out the monthly strategy to get you there. No more wondering if you’re working on the right things each week
  • Measure It – Learn exactly how to measure the *right* results of your strategy (so you can repeat and/or tweak)


The Deliverables 

WorldClass Biz TrainingImprint Shadow FontLight Blue

New training content delivered each month. The audio file for the training and corresponding worksheets will be uploaded to the Facebook group on the 3rd week of each month for you to consume when it fits in your schedule.

The purpose of this training is to support you to continue to grow and challenge yourself as you build your business online. No more searching for the “right” and “best” and “how to” online. No more wasting time. You’ll have it delivered in an easy-to-consume manner and will have the flexibility to participate in the training when it fits your schedule. Not the other way around.

And…you have access to all previously recorded training calls.

Custom Tailored CoachingImprint Shadow FontLight Blue

Monthly Laser Coaching Calls so we can connect in person to immediately answer your most pressing questions! Not only do you have a chance to ask your questions so that you get “unstuck” but you also have an opportunity to learn from your peers by hearing their questions, challenges, and successes.

Too busy? Not a problem. Simply submit your question to the Facebook group or to me privately prior to the call and we’ll address your questions and you can simply listen to the replay when it fits your schedule.

Bonus 2 Imprint Shadow FontLight Blue

Private Member Only Facebook Group so that you always – 24 hours a day – have a team to support you as you build your dream business. No more feeling like you live in a vacuum and no one “gets” you!

The purpose of this online group is to give you an opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You will also have access to me when you have a question, feel stuck, or need some inspiration and to provide accountability to you so that you have no excuses for not making major strides in your business.

This game changing, six month program officially launches on June 1st.

Early Bird Pricing (expires May 16th 2014):

Save Money! Special Offer: $197/month for 6 months Regular Price: $229/month


Image Map

Wait!  There’s more!
You’ll also receive these additional BONUS materials when you register:

Bonus 1 Red

Master the Sales Conversation19640679_s

In this powerful audio and bonus PDF, you’ll learn my 5 easy steps to YES, how to get more clients + make more money. I cover:

  • The 10 most common sales mistakes that service based entrepreneurs make
  • The 5 steps to a smooth and authentic initial consult
  • How to get to “yes” a lot more often (and make more $$$)
  • Why you’re better at sales than you think

PLUS, receive a bonus workbook (PDF) that goes through everything step-by-step. This is a done-for-you resource that you’ll want to keep handy for each and every sales conversation that you have.

Bonus 2 Imprint Shadow FontRed

 The Business + Life Values Workbook

Krista Martin Biz Life WorkbookBuilding a life and business you love takes a conscious effort to create the time and space to honor your values every single day.    

In the Business + Life Values Workbook, l will help you to better understand yourself and how YOU can build a business and life that fulfills you.  In this workbook, you will:

  • Identify your top 10 values
  • Notice where you are – and where you are not - honoring your values
  • Learn how to identify your strengths
  • Pinpoint how to use all of the above to build an authentic, fulfilling and highly profitable business

Even if you’ve done work on your values before, this will provide another layer of learning to help you take knowledge of yourself to a new level. 


The number of participants in this group will be limited.

My goal is to make sure that everyone gets the individualized attention that they need so once the program is full, the doors will be closed.  So, please do not miss your chance to join this amazing group program!

If you are ready to claim this as YOUR year, please join us here:


Praise for Krista

Working with Krista has been a transforming experience.

Heather circle

Krista has given me the confidence, tools and ability to execute a strategic roadmap for achieving my goals and beyond. Similar to a top athlete’s coach, Krista is always in your court and never lets you sit a day “on the bench” alone and without encouragement. Having that consistent support, care and attention to detail has made all the difference.

As a driven, make-it-happen person who would never really consider coaching as a “to do” let alone a “must do,” I now know I was wrong.

It has been wild how much Krista has helped me stop over-thinking and second-guessing. I am not Ms. Zen by any means, stress is just part of being successful, but I am less scared of messing up. You might call that freedom, or courage, or being open minded. But really, when it comes down to it, Krista has helped make it not so painful to get what I really want.

~ Heather C., Multiply Delicious, multiplydelicious.com

The Business Breakthrough Session with Krista was BEYOND fantastic!

Marsha Shandur m circle

I have to confess, at first I thought, “Why do we need two hours? Why can’t we just do one?”

But then during the session, as I noticed we were an hour in, I thought, “Thank goodness it’s two! There’s no way we would have our teeth into everything in just one hour!”.

Krista is a genius. She’s also warm, funny and enormously inspiring.

During the session, she gave me HUGE clarity. I felt like I’d been flailing around with starting my business. Every hour I had a new idea, and no clue which one I should be undertaking. I know I have a great service that people definitely want, but just couldn’t work out the steps I needed to do to shape it into a business that makes a profit!

Krista asked the exact right questions to help me work out what I need to do first. She gave perfect direction, and did a great job or throwing a lassoo around my hurricane of ideas, and pulling them into a place where they felt manageable!

~ Marsha S., Yes Yes Marsha, yesyesmarsha.com

Working with Krista truly changed my way at looking at my business!

Tami - Gifting Sweet circle

My ideas were all over the place and lacking in clarity. Krista immediately picked up on my particular style of creating, thinking and organizing and was able to coax me into more clarity around my ideal clients, my offerings and even my 10 year plan.

Krista is able to quickly plug into where your ideas or business plans are lacking and what’s needed to get on track.  She provides succinct, practical and actionable solutions that are tailored to the way *you* do business – so no one-size-fits-all plans or stock answers that other coaches tend to provide.

Her unique blend of business savvy plus life coaching isn’t like any of the other coaches in the business. I loved working with Krista and would recommend her to anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level and beyond.

~ Tami C., Gifting Sweet,  giftingsweet.com

I redefined my strategy based on our work and I’m feeling very sure I’m going to get results!

maureen circle

I’m just getting started with my new business venture and I hired Krista because of her very helpful emails and free systems-setup-videos.

I was all over the place with ideas and a long list of things I had to do. First, Krista helped me get very clear on the exact type of customer I want to work with and then she helped me get clear on my priorities and a strategic plan to reach my goals.  Thanks Krista!

~ Maureen R., maureenrossgemme.com

Krista from Make Your Mark is my superhero!

Pru photo circle

Everybody has a superhero.

Krista from Make Your Mark is my superhero! She’s a mompreneur who helps other moms get it together. That is all she wants….To see you happy and successful in whatever you choose to do.

Everybody has daydreams about what they want their life to look like. As a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, business woman, human being, I have a rich and intricate life. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and sometimes it’s not. I love and appreciate all of it.

When the water gets murky, when I need to refocus, when I need to define and redefine my goals, and especially when I need to celebrate my victories, I call Krista, my superhero!

~ Prudence R., Photos by Pru, photosbypru.com

I recommend Krista to anyone who wants a coach that will get you on track to developing your business like a pro!


When I first considered working with Krista, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend another chunk of change on yet another business start-up strategy. I had gone through so many, and although they had been helpful, I was stuck again.

The thing that reassured me was her free 30-minute session which got me real clear on what I wanted and where I could go. After that, I was hooked – I knew that for her to offer that time to me for free, she really cared about me and my success.

I found Krista so understanding, yet always ready to put out a challenge if she knows you can do it. I found her extremely easy to talk to. Now, I’ve gotten even more focused on the steps I need to take, and I’m actually excited about working on my business promotion again.

I would recommend Krista to anyone who wants a cheerleader and coach who can get you on track to developing your business like a pro!

~ Anna B., Zen Spacing 

About Krista Martin

purple_head_shotHi there, I’m Krista. I’m the founder and CEO of Make Your Mark. As a business strategist and coach, I have the privilege of partnering with entrepreneurs to build their service based businesses to serve more clients, make more money, and have more fun. And I get to do it every day.

I have my MBA in marketing and I am a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). In addition to working in the marketing and sales arena for more than 12 years, I built and sold my first “side biz” and now I LOVE that I have the opportunity to partner with online biz owners (like you!) to build their dream business. By putting together an action focused plan and learning how to “sell” in an authentic and comfortable way, I get to support clients to build a business that fits into their lifestyle instead of the other way around.

Oh yeah (and most importantly): My husband and I have two perfect (ha!) kids, ages 4 and 2, and an equally as perfect dog. I’m a native of the Midwest, so I am glad to call Atlanta my home as it’s a much shorter drive to the beach from there.

Early Bird Pricing (expires May 16th 2014):

**Save Money! Special Offer: $197/month for 6 months Regular Price: $229/month


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Aren’t sure if this is the right program for you?  Got questions?  Let’s set up a quick chat!
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