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Hi! I’m Krista.

Welcome. I am so glad that you are here.

I’m a marketing and business coach, strategist, and speaker who teaches amazing coaches and consultants (and other super cool service based entrepreneurs) how to attract more clients, make more money, and have more fun.    My clients have a message to share.  An impact to make.  And a fabulous lifestyle to live.  

Up until now you may not have thought that you could make it happen and I’m here to tell you quite the opposite.

With the right tools and the right roadmap, you can get there pretty darn quickly (just like I did).

It boils down to you taking steps to do things that you haven’t done before…so that you can have results that you haven’t achieved before.

Ready to get new results?

I thought so.

Please click one of the options below to  see how I can help you make more money in your business. Or check out the blog.  

Practice taking action.  When you do, you’ll see results.  I promise.

So…are you ready to make your unique and beautiful mark on the world?



After working with Krista, I can now say that I have FOCUS! I know where to spend my time, and what to say no to. Now I have a system to recruit clients from my speaking engagements. My last webinar resulted in 50% of participants requesting strategy sessions, and 50% became clients. I have a system in place.

My ideal clients are now approaching me, rather than me having to chase them down.

Julie H.

Chinook Executive Solutions

Working with Krista has been a transforming experience. She has given me the confidence, tools and ability to execute on a strategic roadmap to achieving my goals and beyond. Similar to a top athlete’s coach, Krista is always in your court and never lets you sit a day “on the bench” alone and without encouragement. Having that consistent support, care and attention to detail has made all the difference.

As a driven, making-it-happen person who would never really consider coaching as a “to do” let alone a “must do.” I was wrong.

NowI am less scared of messing up. You might call that freedom, or courage, or being open minded. But really, when it comes down to it, Krista has helped me make it not so painful to get what I really want. * 

Heather C.

Multiply Delicious

Working with Krista truly changed my way of looking at my business!

My ideas were all over the place and lacking in clarity. She immediately picked up on my particular style of creating, thinking and organizing and was able to coax me into more clarity around my ideal clients, my offerings and even my 10 year plan.

Krista is able to quickly plug into where your ideas or business plans are lacking and what’s needed. And she provides succinct, practical and actionable solutions that are tailored to the way you do business – so no one-size-fits-all plans or stock answers that other coaches tend to provide.

Her unique blend of business savvy plus life coaching isn’t like any of the other coaches in the business. I loved working with Krista and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level.

Tami C.

Gifting Sweet


On The Blog

Why That Certification Is a Waste of Time

    As CEO’s, as entrepreneurs, and especially as coaches, we all tend to fall into the serial learner category. That’s OK…up to a point. Building a business, especially a 6 figure business, requires that that you grow, because you realize that by doing the inner work you can more easily create the outer results that you desire. You see, your business is a vehicle through which you not only serve clients and impact the world, but it’s also how you become who you really are. The self-development part of the business-building journey isn’t for sissies. It’s also the most awesome gift that I’ve ever been given. Way too often, I hear coaches say, “I just need one more certification…one more degree…and THEN I’ll be ready.” Click to Tweet: What if you, just as you are right now, ARE enough?   Newsflash: This is your ego’s attempt to convince you that you aren’t ready yet. (And the ego will always seek out another certification or learning opportunity for you to focus on, regardless of how many letters you have after your name. Have you noticed that pattern in your life?) When a coach tells me that she’ll think about working with her first client after she goes through another certification or gets another degree, it’s often the ego that’s secretly at work trying to keep her from moving onward and upward (because change, even when it’s positive, can feel scary, right?) If you recognize that you are stuck in the “I-need-to-wait” camp, here’s what you can do: 1. Look squarely in the face at what you’re trying to avoid. To see... read more

Being Willing to Grow from Tragedy

    I sat down to write a blog post for you this week and as much as I tried, I kept circling back to what’s in my heart. So this week’s post is different in that I’m allowing myself to be raw and to be seen in a way that’s bigger and scarier than I’ve ever done before.  That’s part of being a leader in your life and your business.  Being brave, being unsure and still continuing to take steps forward. At church last week, the service wasn’t what I’d call “typical” because the message was centered around (very) current events.  The conversation looked at the hurt and hate and fear that is heavy on everyone’s heart. I walked away being especially touched by a Martin Luther King quote that was shared, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” I tucked that nugget and the message from that morning away for further processing and went on with the rest of my day. Then, I was listening to a podcast and Seth Godin was speaking about his newest book, What to Do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn).  He went into the details about how great the book is, but what I loved most about what he was sharing is the fact that you can’t (easily) buy just one copy. His purpose for creating a minimum order of three is that if you order one copy, you are likely to read it and put it away.  If you order three, you aren’t likely to read... read more

How to Speed up Your Results and 2x Your Income

    Last week I attended the Midwest ICF (International Coach Federation) conference in Indianapolis. Not only did I have a chance to connect with friends (old and new), sharpen my coaching skills, and have fun, but I also noticed that a conversation I had with a colleague was different than those that usually take place at conferences. You see, we reflected, we planned, and we mapped out how we’ll take action. We didn’t just sit and listen. It’s much easier to show up and assume that the right information will soak in, and that we’ll take away what we need to so that we can serve our clients better. (You and I both know what happens when we make assumptions…) What’s more powerful? Enter each session, each activity with intention: an intention to learn, an intention to grow, and an intention to get into action. What I’m asking you to do today is what most people miss. It’s also why most business owners continue to do the same thing over and over and complain that building their business feels “hard.” As CEO of your life and business, you’re building a new muscle in your brain. You are building the slow-down-so-I-can-speed-up muscle. (You’re probably thinking: “But Krista, I just need to get stuff DONE!” and I sooo get it. Stay with me here, though, because I want to show you that as you allow yourself time to slow down and think, you’ll actually speed up your results.) There are 3 areas to focus on so that you can speed up your results: 1. What worked? When you project what your income will... read more

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