How do you follow up with your prospects?  Do you have a specific system to track how people are referred to you and what your next action is for follow up?


I’ll tell you this:  most entrepreneurs don’t have a system in place.  Those same business owners are leaving valuable clients and opportunities on the table.


And I don’t want you to be one of them.



In the increasingly crowded online marketplace, I’m often asked how a business can stand out above the crowd.  What can be done differently? One very, very easy way to do something above and beyond what everyone else is doing is to follow up with your warm leads, the people that expressed interest in you and then asked for “more time” or to “think about it” after the initial consult.   This helps you to stand out in a crowded marketplace because only about 10% of sales people follow up with prospective clients.


Only 10%.


You’ll find different statistics for the exact percentage of people that follow up but no matter what number you land on, it makes the same point:  very few people do this.  Less than half.  And for the business owners that do take the time to follow up, there are more clients to work with and more income in the bank account.




I want you to be one of the few that stands apart from the crowd and reaches out to follow up with a prospect after the initial sales conversation.


I want you to work with more ideal clients.


I want you to have more deposits in your bank account.


I want you to make your mark on client's lives in a very big and very important way.


The only question is…do you want it?  If you do, then please continue to read.


I’ll share with you my very simple tracking process that I revisit first thing each Monday morning.  It looks like this:


new snip



It’s a simple Excel spreadsheet that I update each week.  [Download your copy here.]


SPOILER ALERT:  If you think all of your client conversations and leads stay in your head, think again.  As a responsible and PROACTIVE business owner, I don’t want you to miss one single opportunity.  So, listen carefully:  WRITE IT DOWN.  Put it on a piece of paper in your office, on your dry erase board, or save it on your desktop in an Excel file.  I don’t care how you store and track this information but you must keep a record.


So, here’s my system plain and simple:

  • Have initial sales conversation with client. Ask the client if it is OK to follow up with them on Wednesday of next week by email. It’s that simple. Be specific with the method of follow up and the date you will do it.
  • Client says, “sure, sounds great.”
  • Put the information in your handy-dandy tracking sheet
  • Follow up on the day and by the method that you agreed upon.
  • Review tracking sheet each week (I do it first thing on Monday).

By asking the client if it’s OK to follow up on a certain day, you are going to breathe easy and realize that you won’t be stalking them.  They are expecting it.


Clients won’t buy from you until they know, like, and trust you.  For some people, that’ll take many “touches” (email newsletters, phone conversations, etc.) and for others, it’ll be sooner.  Very rarely does a purchase occur on the initial meeting.  That’s OK, though, because you are going to follow up and not only earn the business from your ideal clients but also build the KL&T factor by following through on a promise.


Take Action Now!  Put together your tracking tool and start recording every single lead that you come across.  An email, an initial sales conversation, you name it. 


AND please share in the comments below – What methods for follow up have you established in your business or do you plan to put in place in the very near future (i.e. this week)?


As promised, here is the very first random parking lot video for your viewing pleasure.


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