It’s easy to think that we need to wait for someone to give to US before we give to THEM. Who knows if they are really going to do what they say, anyway, and you don’t want to waste your energy. Or your time. Or your money. 


I wonder, though, how much time do you spend wondering if and when that other person will actually give to you? 


I have learned that in business, just like in life, it’s best to give and to not worry about when and how it comes back to me. Learning this has given me back so much time. It’s refreshing. 


When a colleague asks me to please help promote his or her event, I am glad to do it. I do as I promise and I go on. 


When I ask colleagues to support me by promoting my events, I don’t worry or stalk them out to see when and if they did as they promised. 


Because it doesn’t matter. 


It’s the giving spirit that is created within you and when you focus on what you are creating – not measuring the exact things that people do or don’t do – you are opening up yourself to receive more. 


It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. 


Try it this week. 


“Trying to get without first giving is as fruitless as trying to reap without having sown.” ~ Napoleon Hill


Maybe you aren’t working with referral partners just yet and that’s perfectly fine. 


So, how can you “give”?


An amazingly obvious – and often overlooked – place is when you create a free resource that you give away on your website in exchange for your future clients email address. 


Your “freebie” or “ethical bribe” or “opt-in” offer must be really good. 


I mean, REALLY good. 


FREE button 


When you put together your free offer, here are a few things to remember:


Make it bite-size. 

We live in an overwhelmed world.  Don’t contribute to it. 

Your potential clients are looking for actionable, simple steps or strategies.  Keep it simple AND powerful.  Don’t make your prospects feel overwhelmed by simply looking at what you put together for them. Use bullet points, lots of spaces and an easy-to-follow format. 


It should be something that you could charge money for. 

A client of mine recently told me that she was afraid to make it too good because then, she feared, her clients wouldn’t need her. That’s a common fear that I hear quite frequently.  It isn’t rooted in the giving perspective. And, you must remember: I have a LOT of recipes in my kitchen and I am, by no means, a chef. I’m nowhere close to being a chef.

Your clients will still need your support, believe me.

And they’ll come to you for more information and more support if you share your expertise in a powerful way in your opt-in offer. Demonstrate that you know what you are talking about because YOU ARE AN EXPERT.  


Make it irresistible. 

What are the biggest struggles that your client deals with?  What is going on inside her head at the very moment she is looking at your website?  What answer is she looking for? 

Your goal is to get inside your clients head and join the conversation that is already going on in there. Incorporate that into your title. Your client wants to find someone that is an expert at solving her problem.Your title is your one chance to grab her attention so make it good.

Numbers work really well, too. People are drawn to titles like: “5 Secrets to losing those last 10 pounds,” “10 Superfoods that you should avoid + why,” “9 Easy Steps to Working Less + Earning More,” “6 Ways to Find More Time In Your Day.”  Get the picture?


You must must MUST share your bio.  And a photo of you. 

Your story is what will set you apart from your competition. You have a captive audience when some signs up to receive your free resource and I want you to take full advantage of it.  Share your life experiences, your beliefs, and why you do what you do. People want to know about what makes you unique. 


You must must MUST include a call to action. 

So many online business owners forget to include this. 

Carefully consider what you want your prospect to do after he or she digests all of your powerful content. Do you want the person to contact you to schedule a follow up consult?  Do you want the person to “like” your business page on Facebook?  Do you want the person to read something else that aligns with what you provided to them? Tell your prospect exactly what you want him or her to do. 


Don’t forget the testimonials. 

This is easier to do when you are providing a document or file that can be printed. Two or three testimonials is plenty. Keep it to one page or less because your goal is to keep the content relevant, powerful, AND bite-size.


When you come from the perspective of really wanting to create powerful content and to help your potential clients with their biggest challenges, you’ll notice that more clients call you free consults, book your services, and inquire about working with you. Give, give, give.


Please Share:  What things have you found to be most important from your perspective – or your clients perspective – when you created a free opt-in offer on your website? 


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