It’s the whole chicken or the egg thing. 


So I’m going to share with you my perspective on why you don’t want to include your entire blog post in your weekly or bi-monthly newsletter. (Did you notice that I didn’t even mention a monthly newsletter? Yep. I left it out because I don’t want you to consider reaching out to your list that infrequently.)


I’ve seen people do it both ways. They write ammmmazing content on their blog and then send it out – in it’s entirety – to their list. I’ve heard many reasons as to “why” it’s done this way: 


“I don’t want my readers to miss important information.”

“I don’t want to make it too difficult.”

“There’s really no benefit in getting them to click one link just so that they go to my website.”


Au contraire, my friend. 


Without asking the readers on your email marketing list to “please click here,” you are missing a valuable opportunity. 


An opportunity to make money. An opportunity to work with more ideal clients. An opportunity to make your mark on the world. 


And I don’t want you to do that. Ever. 


You see, if your reader never clicks, then she won’t be able to buy from you. Ever. 


Think about it for a minute.  Is it possible for you to go online to, say, your favorite clothing retailer and to purchase a shirt without clicking at least one button or link?  (HINT:  No.)


By using simple call-to-action statements in our newsletters, our social media posts, and on our sales pages, we are more likely to get the desired response:  action. 




When you craft your newsletter later this week or next, consider trying one of the following techniques:


Share the first paragraph of your blog post and then add a “Click here to continue reading…” link.


Share a teaser of what the blog post is about in your newsletter and add a “click here to check out the blog post this week” statement in your copy. 


At the end of your blog post be sure to include a call to action by requesting that the reader leave a comment or share something specific in the comment section.  I don’t like seeing “Please share your thoughts below.” It’s too vague. And confused people don’t buy. Instead say something like, “Please share how you’ve put this technique to the test in the comments below.”


When you share a post on Facebook, ask your audience to please “like” or “share” your post if they agree with you. Or – even better – ask for something specific in the comment section below the post. 


When you are on Twitter, ask your connections to “please re-tweet” and see what happens. 


By simply asking the person reading your content to do something, you are getting out of your comfort zone because you are actually ASKING SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING.  It’s not hard and it doesn’t even cost a penny. And yes, I do realize that it’s outside of the comfort zone of many online business owners. So I want you to simply practice asking your readers, your connections, your friends, to please do something. 


Your competition isn’t doing this very regularly, either, which brings me to the second reason that I want you to start asking your readers to “click here.” I want you to create a community of action takers. 


Action takers click to “read more”, will leave comments on your blog, and will appreciate you asking them to do something specific.  Those same action takers are much more likely to become a client and purchase your products. 


So, for the sake of growing your online business, will you please try it out this month?  No more spoon feeding your readers.  They are bigger and bolder than that.  Show them where to click and ask them for what you want.  Then wait…and watch the magic happen as your list becomes more action oriented.


SOOO….now it’s my turn!  Please share YOUR thoughts and preferences about whether or not you should include an entire blog post in your e-newsletter.  I can’t wait to read what you have to say…



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