I hear it all of the time.


“My goal is to make six figures this year.”


By now you know me and you know how much I LOVE goals.  Benchmarks.  Targets.  They are incredibly powerful but this one goal, in particular, rubs me the wrong way.  It’s soooo overused.


Yes, it’s possible to make that much money in your online business (and WAY more) while working less than full-time hours.  Yes, that part is true.  The disconnect that I see often occurs between what this goal is and what it really means.



When you tell me that you want to make six figures, I will quickly up with this question:  What will making six figures give to you?


Will it mean that you can take an amazing annual beach trip with your family for three weeks (in a row)?


Will it mean that you can pay for your child’s college?


Will it mean that you can help homeless animals by donating time and resources to support your favorite charities?


Will it mean that you get to be home every day when your kids come home from school and provide a specific type of life for them?


Will it mean that you have a house on every continent?


And then…the next question.


How will that make you FEEL?  (HINT:  Don’t skip this part.)


Will you feel like climbing up a mountain and extending your arms as your reach the peak?


Will it make you feel like you are finally LIVING your life?


Will it give you a sense of calm and peace?


Will you feel like you are finally making your mark on this world?


You see, THIS is what really matters.


The dollars don’t mean squat until they are tied to something at your core.  There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” answer to why you are building your online empire.  Your “why” is unique so please don’t feel like you have to crave world peace or dream of building a school in a far-away country.  If that’s natural to you, then it’s perfect.  If it’s not authentic to you, then we still have some work to do.


Getting really clear on your WHY for building your business and connecting with how you will feel and how you will BE when you reach the goal of $100,000 is essential to your success.  It will give you the reasons you need to stand up and dust yourself off after a product launch flops.  It’ll motivate you to keep going when it feels like everything is going against you.  It’ll be your best friend.  Your best ally. It is your WHY.


If you need some inspiration to dig a little deeper and uncover your “WHY”, please watch one of my all-time favorite videos:   Simon Sneak’s TED Talk.


Start with your why and THEN let’s talk about how $100,000 (or more) will help you create that vision and build the most amazing business and life that you can imagine.


Start with your why and the rest will follow.


Please share:  What is your WHY for building your online business?

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