You want to work with more clients.

Make more money.

And have more free time to do what you love. 


To make room for new things in your life – more free time, a desired lifestyle shift, more clients, leaving a corporate job – you must be willing to do something that is hard. 


And scary.


You have to be ready to let go of certain behaviors and beliefs that have served you well in the past. It’s like breaking up with that friend that brings too much drama into your life or causes you too much stress. Even though he or she has been in your life for a long time, it doesn’t mean that he or she needs to be there moving forward. 

As your business grows, you’ll have to let some things go. 



It might be letting go of doing all of the cleaning and instead hiring someone to come in clean your house a few times each month.

It might be letting go of doing all of the administrative tasks and instead hiring an assistant so that you can focus on the revenue generating activities in your online business.

It might be admitting that yes you CAN figure it out on your own but instead hiring a business coach or enrolling in a program that will help to achieve your business goals with greater ease and in a shorter period of time. 


When I was younger, I had so much time and so I was OK with spending weeks searching out the best deal or finding the cheapest way to do something.  Saving money, not time, was my primary goal.


Now I have a family and I realize how precious every minute is.  And I will gladly exchange money to save time on tasks that I don’t enjoy or that don’t bring money into my business. 


You see, time is more important to me now. 


Money isn’t far behind but I will gladly exchange money for saving me time and frustration.


So, what I am asking you to consider is this:  Which one is more important to you right now?  Is your time or money your most precious asset? 




If time is more important to you, then I want you to consider how you can step into the role as CEO of your online business and outsource the things that you don’t need to be doing.  What can be outsourced and where you can use support?  How can you achieve your business goals by investing less time (and possibly spending money instead)?


If money is more important to you, then I want you to consider where you can save more of it and how you can spend less.  You need to accept that you’ll be spending a lot of time building your business in exchange for saving money.  That’s perfectly OK as long as you are aware that by choosing not to invest in certain things, you are choosing to spend your time instead. 


My point here is that I want you to make conscious decisions that align with what is most important to you.  If you see that your decisions haven’t been aligned with what is most important, then please make a commitment to make one small step in the right direction this week.  Spend a little bit of money or time on something that you’ve been resisting.


An example of how I’ve seen this play out in my own business is that my business took a significant turn for the better when I started working with an online business coach.  I not only took myself and my business more seriously since I was paying someone but I also realized that I was worth investing in.  I saved time, gained a plan, accountability, and someone to help me see opportunities that I may have otherwise missed.I shifted my money mindset from being afraid to spend money to recognizing that money is a form of energy and by letting it flow out, I was also allowing it to flow in. 


I’ve seen the same thing with my clients. Many times they are ready for the next level of growth and success in their business but they aren’t willing to make the trade off to fully embrace what the next level has to offer. Until they are ready to change their actions to reflect what is most important to them, they stay stuck in the same place.


Please share the choices that you are either making – or are going to make – that will allow you to save your most precious asset.

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