We all know that extroverts are naturally good at sales.  It’s much easier for an extrovert to be successful as an entrepreneur, too.   And introverts, oh man, well, bless their little hearts…

This may be more of the exception than the rule.  Please click below to watch a short clip about the secret that extroverts know about sales and how it applies to you and your business.

So….Are you REALLY as you think you are?  

There is a (very very) high probability that you are an ambivert if you agree with most of these statements:

  • You get loads of energy from other people AND equally as much energy from working by yourself.
  • You can multitask AND you can focus.
  • In social situations you love spending time with people you already know AND also have fun meeting new people.
  • You treasure breadth AND depth in relationships. You want to meet new people AND really get to know them.
  • You want to try a little bit of everything AND you enjoy being an expert at things that you really love.


For the short quiz that I mentioned in the video, please click here.  And, according to Dan Pink (author of To Sell is Human), extroverts really aren’t destined for success in sales or entrepreneurship.  It’s the ambiverts that have the potential to knock it out of the park.  Here are his comments:

“Let’s think about a spectrum, and say, on a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 is extremely introverted, 7 is extremely extroverted: The 6s and 7s — the people who get hired, the gregarious, backslapping types of the stereotype — they’re not very good. OK, now, why? … They’re just spending too much time talking. … They don’t know when to shut up. They don’t listen very well; they’re not attuned to the other person; they sometimes can overwhelm people.

Now … does that mean that introverts are better? No. The 1s and 2s, they’re not very good either. They often are not assertive enough. They’re skittish about striking up conversations. What this new research…says is the people who do the best are what social psychologists call ambiverts. …Not totally extroverted, not totally introverted. The 3s, 4s, and 5s. They know when to shut up; they know when to speak up. They know when to push; they know when to hold back. And so the best people at convincing, persuading others, whether in a traditional sales environment or in these other kinds of environments, are these ambiverts.”

It’s YOUR turn!
 Please share in the comments which type of “vert” you are and how it serves – or challenges – you in your business.  “See” you in the comments!


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