I encourage all of my clients to include speaking in the marketing plan for their online business.


Is this something that you’ve added to yours?


If you haven’t, then you are potentially leaving lots of money on the table.


And, as you know, I don’t want you to do that. Ever.


Why do I want you to add speaking to your marketing game-plan? (That’s a great question and I’m so glad that you asked.)


Well, it’s really pretty straightforward. There are two very big reasons.


 First, by speaking in person or online (webinar, teleseminar, telesummit, Google Hangout, etc.) you are building the Know Like + Trust Factor. (The KL&T Factor, in a nut shell, is your customers desire to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you before they purchase from you.)

Your target audience gets to SEE you or HEAR you. So they are getting to KNOW you more quickly than simply reading your written content.

The best ways, in order, to speed up the Know, Like + Trust Factor are:

  1. In Person (or live)
  2. Video
  3. Voice/Audio
  4. Written

And, the second reason? Well, you increase your odds of working with more ideal clients and making more money. Basically, you grow your reach.

Ok, I’m going to flip this around a little bit for you so you can see what I mean.

You are looking for more ideal clients to work with, right?

Well, to do that, you need have at least a handful of sales conversations each month.

If you want to schedule 10 or more sales conversations each month, you need to be making the offer to speak with you for the free consult or strategy session (your sales conversation) to an even larger number of target clients.

To make a significant amount of offers to connect with you one on one, you need to get in front of a lot of your ideal clients.

Just think…when you speak at a live event, you’ll likely reach 20, 100, or more people. From the stage, you can offer your complimentary strategy session or a free consult right there. Or, if you present your information and share your expertise through a webinar or teleseminar, the number of people that you can reach is really unlimited.

And, to get people to gladly opt-in to your email list so that you can offer your new programs or services, you must have an enticing offer that helps them to solve a problem that they are facing right now. And that enticing offer can be listening – or watching – you share your expertise on a webinar or teleseminar. (A sobering statistic on how many people will “buy” your offer – 3% of the amount of people that see your offer. Not 3% of the people that are on your email list but 3% of the people who actually click over to the sales page to see it.)

See what I mean? If you want 10 people to enroll in your upcoming program, then you need at least 30 ideal clients to see it and to recognize that it solves an urgent problem that they want remedied. That’s why speaking – online or in person – is an amazing marketing tool.

Now, you can clearly see why I encourage my clients to incorporate speaking into their marketing plan.  
It helps you to be recognized as the expert you are, build the Know, Like + Trust factor more quickly, work with more ideal clients, and ultimately, to make more money.

All of these things – creating offers that sell, building an email list, putting together your presentation to speak on or offline, understanding your target market, growing your business and MAKING MORE MONEY are all going to be covered in my new Online Business Accelerator Group Coaching Program. If you know that you need to make more sales to build your business so that it supports the lifestyle you desire, please click here to check it out.

Take Action Now!
What successes or challenges have you come across as you have (or have considered) speaking as a way to grow your online business?

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