Sales is so last year.  Actually, it’s further back than that.  It’s more like so 10 years ago.


That’s good news for you, right?  I mean, if you are like the majority of the population, the word “sales” brings up all types of negative emotions. 


It’s slimy.  It’s tricky.  And it’s never fun to be sold.  “Buyer beware” may even come to mind.


That’s really what sales was like before, oh, the invention of the Internet

Now, if you think about it, there is no information that the seller has that the buyer hasn’t already uncovered by doing research online or getting opinions from friends and family on Facebook.  It’s this crazy thing called information parity.


It takes all of the secrecy (READ: trickery, sliminess) out of the equation. 


The buyer, your prospect, is now on equal footing as you.  By the time the initial conversation takes place, your perfect client has looked at your website and checked you out on social media.  Maybe she even did a Google search to see what you are doing in and outside of your biz.  She probably even researched similar services that others are offering, too. 


So, she’s smart.  She’s ready.  And she doesn’t need to be babied.  She’s probably a lot like you.  She just needs you to motivate her to take the next step that she wants to take. 


Always treat your perfect client like a friend.  Like a real person.  There’s no need to worry that you’ll pressure someone into working with you because guess what:  the person on the other end of the conversation is a fully capable human being that can say “no” if there isn’t the right fit. 


So, instead of thinking about sales and the exact thing to say next, stop.  Be you.  And stop trying to sell.


Selling isn’t fun because the goal of selling is to close the other person.  The word “close” isn’t really open and engaging, is it?  Instead of sales, I want you to think of doing something that is way more fun and is so 2014:   Be an inspiration. 


What if you look at your initial conversation with a potential client as your opportunity to inspire them to work towards whatever it is that they really really want? You are inspiring them to buy into the realization that they CAN live the life that they want and that they CAN have the situation that are craving.  You are inspiring them to no longer listen to their limiting beliefs and instead to step forward, bravely, into living their life as it was intended.  After all, if everything was perfect for them right now, they wouldn’t be having this conversation with you. 


Your perfect clients want something fixed. 


So, give them a chance.  A really big chance. 


Inspire them to raise their hand and to work with you. 


And remember…you can be the microwave to their popcorn kernel.


Please share in the comments:  How do you mentally approach your initial consults so that they feel more comfortable and less sales-y?  


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