I've run into it many times.

I'm sure that you have, too.  

It has happened to me at networking events, when talking with new clients and other business owners.  It's the far-from-clear-and-way-too-broad elevator pitch.

Raise your hand if you've ever met my friends, Linda or Terry, at an event before.  They would have described their businesses like this when you asked what they do:

[Lacking Clarity Linda]: “I'm really excited because I love helping people eat healthy and get their diet plan together and then they start to feel really great and I work with people one on one for 30 minutes at a time and it's just really so fulfilling and I love it so much.”  

– OR – 

[Too-simple Terry]:  “I'm a coach.”

Have you met either of these business owners?  I love them both dearly and they are working so friggin' hard to grow their business.  The “hard” part is a symptom of a bigger problem…not clearly being able to articulate their what they do.

Whenever I mention at elevator pitch to a client or when speaking in front of a group of business owners, there is usually a groan or moan that follows the mention of this dreaded phrase.  

And I think that is why so many people are working SO HARD and seeing SO LITTLE return for their efforts.  

They aren't clear on who they serve and how, exactly, they help them.  

So, in an effort to stomp out over working and under earning, I am going to share with you a very simple formula for you to use when you meet someone new.

Are you ready?

And, the other part of the deal is that you must share a draft of your elevator pitch in the comment section below.

Ok, so step one:  understand the goal of having an elevator pitch.  I work with my clients to build an elevator pitch that feels natural to them and cuts to the chase.  Sure, you probably know a LOT MORE about your ideal client in terms of demographics and psychographics but this isn't the place for all of that.  The goal is to clearly and quickly communicate who you work with and how you can help them.  After sharing what you do in this format, the other person should be able to send a client your way immediately.  

That's why I think I hear the groans and moans.  It can feel like a lot of pressure to make sure that this “pitch” has all of this and is presented in a powerful way.


Step Two: Follow the Blueprint.  

Ok, grab your seat as I unveil the formula:

“I help ______________ to __________________.”  

Did you notice that it's just one sentence?  

For example, here's mine:   “I help coaches and other service based entrepreneurs to get more clients, make more money and have more fun.”

See how that works?  Imagine that we just met and I shared this with you.  Then, when you meet a coach the next day and she says, “man, I'm so frustrated.  I need to get more clients and make more money”, a light bulb should go off in your head and you'd let her know that you have someone that specializes in just what she needs.  

See?  It's easy.  AND it will change over time so give it your best shot right now.  

Ok, it's your turn!  Even if you can't get it down to one sentence right now, give it a shot in the comments and I'll reply to help you build one that excites you, clearly articulates who you work with and what problems you solve.  Once you have this, you are on your way to more clients.  



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