Gratitude is all the rage these days. It is November, after all, and the daily Facebook posts are a good reminder for us about what this month offers to us. It’s a chance to reflect, appreciate, and say thank you.

My husband is going to laugh as he reads this. That’s OK!

In high school, I was featured on the sports page of the Columbia Daily Tribune. I was compared to Deion Sanders (that’s the part that my husband will laugh about). I was in track, softball, and cross country. Three sports. That’s where the similarities to Deion Sanders end (don’t tell my husband I said that!).

What I remember most about the article, though, is that my track coach commented that he always heard me saying “thanks.” He said that I could even be heard thanking someone for thanking me. Yes, you read that correctly. The point of the story is that, by focusing on what I was thankful for, I didn’t have time to complain or feel upset. I was happy because I was constantly appreciative of what I had, what people said, and what was going on in my world.

I didn’t have time for the rest.


The next time you feel upset, overwhelmed, or frustrated, I want you to start thanking people. I MEAN IT! And you must say it out loud.

Thank the mailman for delivering your mail.


Thank the person in the car next to you for letting you in.


Thank your mom for calling.


Thank your clients for being true to themselves.

You’ll be amazed. The power of saying thanks transcends all grouchiness and frustration and brings you to a place of being calm. It even makes you smile. ((Try it. I dare you.))

Last night, I was reading Entrepreneur magazine and one of the quotes in an article really stuck out for me: “Money doesn’t give you happiness. Being happy with what you have does.”

In business we often fall prey to the mindset of not having enough.

“I just need one more client and then I’ll be happy.”


“When I get 100 more people on my email marketing list, I’ll be happy.”


“As soon as I break through the next income threshold, I’ll be able to relax and be happy.”


“If I get 30 more likes on my Facebook page, I’ll finally be happy.”

The post today is to help you escape that mindset. Because you ARE more. You HAVE more. And, ironically, the happiness factor doesn’t come from more. It comes from being happy with what you have. Where you are right now.

Before you tell me that you don’t have enough of this or that or that it doesn’t apply to you, I am going to ask you (politely) to quiet down. If you are ready to achieve a new level of happiness, your homework is to start a gratitude journal. Go buy a fancy-schmancy journal or keep a running list on the NOTES app on your IPad. I don’t care about the “how.” I just care that you do it in a way that is easy for you.

At the end of each day, write down at least 5 things that you are thankful for. Apply this to your personal life and you’ll notice rewards there. Apply this to your business life and you’ll notice rewards there, too.

When putting this idea to work in your business, I want you to add one thing. Add your intention for the next step you can take to capitalize on the event. For example, your end of the day journal entry may look like:

“Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with Maria. Next week I’ll follow up with her during our coffee meeting to see if she’d like to work with me again.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Awesome Entrepreneur Networking Event. I will call the coordinator of the event tomorrow to see how we can partner together in the future.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to have a teleclass this week. I will offer my services to the targeted list of leads that will be in attendance.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to have an awesome call with one of my clients today. I will ask her for a testimonial at our next meeting.”


“Thank you for the great idea today for a new program to offer in 2014. I’ll start planning it tomorrow.”

You see how it works? When you are forced to find at least 5 things, all of the sudden new opportunities are popping up. Opportunities that you probably would’ve moved past if you hadn’t taken the time to stop, reflect, and say THANKS.

And, by the way, thank YOU for being you.

Please share 5 things that you are thankful for in your business in the comment section below. Bonus points for putting in action steps too.

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