So, you read “The Secret” and you repeat positive affirmations every day when you wake up, throughout the day, and before you go to bed.

You have been doing all of the work – but nothing has been happening.

And it’s getting kinda’ old.

To regain control over your thoughts – and therefore, your future – you must take several important steps (and yes, I’ll get to the part about how to rearrange your affirmations so that they actually serve you and lead you towards the life you really want in just a minute).


The first and absolutely, without-a-doubt, most important step is to become AWARE of what is going on between your ears.  


What things do you tell yourself throughout the day?  What do you think about and how to speak to others?

You see, there are two parts to each of us.

There is this amazingly powerful, authentic, true self.  And then there is the Inner Critic (also known as a Lizard Brain, Saboteur…).  The goal of the Inner Critic is to keep you safe.  To prevent you from getting outside your comfort zone because, well, it might be uncomfortable out there.

And, your Inner Critic is here to stay.

So, the first thing that I want you to do is build your awareness about what your Inner Critic (and your true self) say to you each day.  Write these things down. Also, I want you to notice when your Inner Critic appears (this will help you to prepare and pre-empt him in the future – something that I teach my clients how to do). 

Have you noticed your Inner Critic getting louder and louder lately?  If so, then that’s a good sign.  You see, our Inner Critic is loudest when we are getting ready to leave our comfort zone and right before we make a big breakthrough.  So, kudos to you for noticing your Inner Critic sneaking into your thoughts more often — it means you are on the right track.


A Client, $50k, Kids, and a Limiting Belief


One of my clients, a coach, came to me frustrated because she was making around $50k while intentionally working no more than 15 hours per week (one of her values is being with her kiddos).  That’s all fine and dandy except that she wanted more.  She knew that she had the potential to earn more money (without working more hours) but she was stuck. 

She tried and tried but wasn’t able to move forward. 

One of the most important roadblocks we uncovered during our work together is that while she was telling me that her goal was to make 6 figures while working no more than 15 hours a week, what she really believed was something quite different. 

You see, she saw her parents provide very well for her and take her on amazing vacations.  She also saw them working long hours to earn the money to do that. 

So, as a child, she came up with the rule that if you want to make a good living, you have to work long hours and sacrifice time with your family.  Regularly. 

And that belief (or rule) was in direct opposition to her stated goal and her values. 

With more than 60,000 thoughts each day, most of them being subconscious, do you see how she might be stuck?  Even with the best affirmations in the world, her beliefs easily overpowered her stated affirmations.

I’m excited to say that she is near the $100k figure in her business now and she is maintaining her time boundaries.  Uncovering this limiting belief was one massive hurdle that was preventing her from achieving what she really wants in her life. 


So, how does this apply to you?


Well, we need to figure out what you want and create positive affirmations for you to use throughout your day.  That part you already have mastered.  But what I’m teaching you here today is that we also need to figure out what you really believe about the situation. 

Imagine that we are sitting across the table from each other, drinking coffee, and I ask you why you haven’t achieved your goals yet.  What would your response be? 

Is it that you don’t have enough timeMoney?  You are too old or too young?  Maybe you think it’s greedy to earn more money than you need to pay your bills?

Look at your answer to that question and you’ll have a direct route to uncovering what you really believe is possible for you.  And when you look at that belief, you get to choose if you want to keep believing it or if you want to come up with a new rule for yourself (I vote for coming up with a new rule). 

And that new rule becomes your new affirmation. 

See how it works?

Please share:  What hidden limiting beliefs have you uncovered as you’ve built your business?  (When you share your process it’ll inspire others and may provide clarity for someone else in a similar situation!) 



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