If you are breathing, then I am venturing a guess that you’ve probably felt overwhelmed at least one time in your life.

More than likely, you’ve felt that way at least one time each hour since you decided to create an amazing life for yourself by being your own boss and serving clients in your coaching business. 

The good news?  It’s not unusual to feel this way when you are building your business.

The not-so-good news?  It can keep you stuck, spinning your wheels, and deplete your mojo. 

When I support my clients and help them build a business that they LOVE, one of the first things that we tackle together is managing their time and priorities so that they feel productive, get the important things done, and (most importantly), can close the door to their home office each night and spend their time with the ones they love (or doing something that is 100% not related to their business).

Remember that thing called "free time"?  It’s that really big reason that you started out on your business building quest. 

Ok, so back to tackling overwhelm once and forever.

I do have a big secret for you, first, though, if you are ready for it.  By being “ready”, I mean that I want you to have both ears and eyes open to hear/see what I’m about to teach you. 

Step 1:  When you feel overwhelmed, write down everything that’s floating around in your head. 

I know, I know, you are probably thinking that seems way too simple.  (Wouldn’t you rather have a simple solution than a difficult to implement one?)

Let me tell you why you need to write everything down when you notice this paralyzing feeling taking over. 

Our brains are not created to be storage devices.  Our brains are amazing tools and support us best by helping us to process information, not store it.  And, technically, your short term memory can only house 7 things.  Chances are that you are trying to cram way more than 7 things in that short term memory of yours. 

So, after you write everything down, you can then allow your brain to do it’s magic and sort through what you put on the paper in front of you. That’s the second step to beating overwhelm.

Step 2:  Sort and Prioritize Items on Your List

Can tasks be grouped together?  What can be delegated?  What is (are) the most important things to do TODAY versus next month or in 10 years? 

You’ll notice a tremendous wave of relief rush over you as you complete the first step. 

The second step helps you to realize – and clearly see – that you were thinking about everything that you need to do today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.  Not everything is urgent.  Not everything needs to be done right now. 

In fact, when you prioritize your list, put stars and smiley faces by the activities that directly relate to helping you (1) make money or (2) are in direct alignment with your short or long term goals.  Hint:  do those first.

Step 3:  Put it on your calendar for the rest of the week. 

AND add in buffer time.  By “buffer time”, I am referring to the fact that most of the coaches I know, in typical superstar fashion, try to do 85 things WELL in just one hour. 

Please simply take a reasonable guess for how much time a project or task will take and then add at least 30 minutes.  Give yourself at least 15 minutes before and after the project to prevent overscheduling yourself and to allow yourself to not feel rushed. 

Remember that feeling of not rushing and simply moving fluidly through your day?  Showing up early and taking time to enjoy the amazing life that you have today?

Step 4:  This is a bonus step.  Lucky you!  

Jump over to the products page and grab your free Time Management Toolkit.   You’ll have the space – and guidance – to create your plan so that you get the important things done, delegate the rest, and actually have time to enjoy the entrepreneurial adventure that is in front of you.

Please share in the comments:  What have you found to be most helpful when dealing with the dreaded feelings of being overwhelmed? 


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