It’s funny, as I type this, I realize that it sounds like “hard” work to focus your energy somewhere. 

The image that pops into my mind is of someone staring so intently that laser beams shoot out from her eyes and “zap” everything that’s in front of her.

What I’m suggesting to you today, though, is quite the opposite. No zapping or alien eyes or laser beams (not today, anyway).

When you look into 2016 and think about what you want to create and who you need to be so that you can achieve new levels of success, I want to share with you an easy-peasy way to figure out where to start.


Look back at 2015. What was your biggest challenge?  Your biggest obstacle?


Take a few minutes to write down at least 5 (no more than 10) ways that you can describe this problem.

For example, “money” isn’t a challenge.

Try something like this instead: “I don’t have enough clients” or “I don’t have enough revenue streams”. THOSE are potential ways you can articulate one of your biggest roadblocks.

Ok, so you have a few different ways of looking at your biggest obstacle from 2015.


Now, I have another question for you.


What, if anything, do you sense is the real problem here?


Close your eyes for few minutes, take several deep and slow breaths and trust what comes up for you when you ask yourself this question.  (Your intuition is a powerful tool so allow it to bring up any and all possible answers to this question.)

When you open your eyes again, write down what the real problem or challenge is.

For example, one of my clients did this exercise and she said that she sensed her real “problem” was that she…

…wasn’t allowing herself space…

…wasn’t allowing her energy to flow, and

…wasn’t allowing herself to accept that her business was actually growing really well.

She also sensed that she was allowing herself to be “busy” as a distraction instead of focusing on what was most important. (Do any of those sound familiar?)

So many times, what we are resisting or what we see as our biggest challenges are actually our greatest gifts.  Why? Because when we follow the obstacle and work and grow through it, we can shift (big) things very quickly in our business and life.


Your obstacle is your biggest gift because it highlights your path.


As you go through this process several times and come up with your biggest challenges from 2015, you’ll see themes emerge.  You’ll see more clearly where your focus for 2016 should be.  Maybe you’ll choose to focus on your systems or building your team or your developing your mindset.

The even cooler news?  Whatever you come up with is perfect.

And now, my friend, you have a clear idea of where to invest your time and your money next year. 


Please share:  Where are you choosing to invest in yourself – your time and money – next year to create the big shifts you desire in your life and business?



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