“Sales” can feel like such a loaded word. On one hand, your rational mind reminds you that without sales, you have a very expensive hobby (not good).  On the other, your stomach gets tied up in knots when you think about how being good at “sales” goes against everything you believe. I was speaking in Colorado recently and one of the coaches came up to me afterwards. He shared his vision with me and then he said, “but, I’m not good at sales. I don’t want to be good at sales. In fact, I hate sales people.”

Does that sound familiar?

You need to have sales in your business…otherwise it’s not a business.

You want to have sales in your business because without sales, you have no customers. No clients. No means to live the lifestyle that you dream about or to serve the people you know you can help.

And that’s not good, either.


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Afraid of being “Salesy”? You need to have sales in your business…otherwise it’s not a business.


What I’m offering to you today is another way to look at sales. I’d like for you to open yourself up to the possibility that sales is actually a means through which you can serve your ideal client.

What if it’s possible that sales is actually service?

When you are conducting your sales conversations, am I correct to say that the person on the other end of the conversation is struggling with something? (Secret Hint: Very rarely do people who are completely happy with everything in their life or business reach out for support.)

And, what if you, by having a sales process, can actually help that person to get past doubt and to actually see that what she wants most is completely possible for her?

People often go through life without the awareness that when the

Yesterday when I was working with a client of mine, we talked through a simple formula for her sales calls. She was hesitant to follow a formula, at first, but then it hit her: by having a process that she leads her clients through, she’s able to help them step into what’s possible rather than falling prey to their default purchasing process (i.e. “it won’t work for me”, “I’ll wait”,“I can figure this out on my own”, etc.).

She saw that she’s actually being of service when she helps the other person bring consciousness to the choices she’s making. (People often go through life without the awareness that when they choose to do nothing, they are actually choosing to keep treading water right where they are.)

Also, I want to remind you that you are a leader of your life.

You are the leader of your business.

Picture any business owner that you view as successful. Do you think he/she “wings it”?  (Probably not.) There is a plan, a goal, a strategy for everything that takes place.  Having a plan, a goal, and a strategy isn’t about being sneaky or slimy.

It’s about coming from an authentic place of being of service to your potential client.

I’m not asking you to jump on board 100% with these perspectives today but I am asking you to allow yourself to consider these questions:

  • Are you in business or do you have a hobby?
  • Are you stepping up as a leader of your life, business and results?
  • Is it possible that by offering your services and actually having a strategy behind it might actually benefit your potential clients?
  • And, what are you going to differently from this point forward?

If you realize that you are ready to put a strategy and system to your business so that you can attract more clients, make more money and have more fun, then I invite you to apply for one of the 10 Strategy Sessions that I offer each month.  Please click here to apply.

Happy sales.  Happy clients.  Bigger impact.


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