Sales can feel icky, I get it.  But, without sales, you don’t have a business.

Earlier this year, I spoke at a coach meeting and a fabulous woman came up to me afterwards.  She said, “I really love helping my clients but I just hate sales.  I don’t want to be pushy because that’s just not me.  Am I doomed?”

I was so glad that she came up to me and asked this question because one of the biggest shifts that I teach my private clients is how to view sales as service.  It’s hard – maybe even impossible – to step into that perspective without looking for sales mistakes that you may be making without even realizing it. 

I asked her several questions and we uncovered 3 very common mistakes that she was making and put together an action plan for moving her forward.

Mistake 1:  She didn’t have a sales process or sales system. 

She shared that she didn’t have an actual process and would usually “just wing it.”  Most coaches don’t have an actual process or “way this works” for their sales conversations.  This is a huge mistake and such a great opportunity to uplevel your business if you recognize yourself here.

When you have a systematic way to approach the sales conversation, it doesn’t mean that you are being tricky or sleazy.  Instead, it allows the opposite to happen  – you get to show up and really listen (be of service) to what the person on the other end of the conversation is saying.  You aren’t worried about “did I do this or did I mess that up” because you have it all covered.

After my clients practice the process that I teach them a few times, the flow of the conversation is natural and it feels authentic on both sides of the conversation.  It’s just like brushing your teeth: You do it a few times and then you can practically do it in your sleep.

Your Action Step:  Learn and implement a sales conversation process that feels good to you.  (If you don’t have one or the one you have needs a tune up, don’t worry.  Click here to grab the 10 Client Enrollment Killers Cheat Sheet and receive a special invitation to an upcoming Masterclass where I’ll share my easy 5 step process with you.)

Mistake 2:  She wasn’t inviting enough people to have a Strategy Session (sales conversation, enrollment calls).

Assumption is the death of all good things.  As business owners, as coaches, as human beings, we don’t want to bother anyone.  We don’t want to remind them because we think that they already know.

But they don’t.

Your ideal clients live in the same overwhelmed world that you do so please offer your Strategy Sessions every single day.  Plus, the person may not have been ready the last time you mentioned it and now they may be in a place to move forward.

Offer your Strategy Session in your ezine, as part of your email signature, offer it at the end of a powerful conversation, when you speak to a group, remind your referral partners that you offer this no-cost call, stand on your roof and announce it to the neighborhood.  It doesn’t matter how you do it.  The key is to keep offering it.  Over and over and over.

Your Action Step:  Find at least one new way to offer your sales conversation every single day for the next 10 days.  Create a new habit for yourself around asking and offering and this, too, will become a habit that will allow you to engage more ideal clients.  Notice what happens at the end of this 10 day experiment.


common sales mistakes


Mistake 3:  She was focusing on features instead of benefits.

This is a big one and super common.

It, like making assumptions, can be the death of a sales conversation.

Features tell and benefits sell.

She asked me the difference between features and benefits.  I shared with her that a feature is something like: unlimited email access, (2) 45 minute calls each month, etc.

But what do those things mean to a potential client?  What is the benefit to the potential client of having unlimited email access, (2) 45 minutes calls per month, etc.?

The benefit is that the client won’t feel alone, all by herself in-between calls.  She has you there to help her and keep her from getting stuck.  THAT’S why someone will buy from you.


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Features tell and benefits sell.

If you notice that you are going into “Feature Land,” that’s OK.  Simply add these words, “which means…” and your features will immediately be translated into clear benefits.

For example, “You’ll have unlimited email access to me (feature) which means you always have support you need and won’t be out an island, feeling stuck, trying to figure everything out by yourself.”  See how that works?

Your Action Step:  Look at your current offers and write out all of the features that are included.  In a column next to those features, clearly write out the benefits that correlate to that feature.  Keep this list handy and practice adding in the “which means” every time you notice that you are going into Feature Land.  Commit to practicing this daily for at least the next 10 days.  You’ll love the results.


Common Sales Mistakes

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