I’ll admit… it’s exciting the first time that someone sends you a note inquiring about your services.  Or fills out the “Contact Me” form online.

The excitement wears off, unfortunately, when you realize that the people contacting you aren’t your ideal clients.  They just want stuff for free (or almost free).

I remember having one of my first strategy sessions with a lady who was very nice.  And what she wanted from me wasn’t business and marketing support.  She wanted “coaching” on how to find her perfect mate.

Say Whaaat?

I felt frustrated (among other things).

What I learned – and have successfully employed since then – is a simple one word solution: POSITIONING.

  • Positioning allows you to choose which clients you do or don’t want to work with.
  • Positioning allows you to raise your rates and offer amazing programs.
  • Positioning allows you to do work that you love – with clients that excite you.
  • Positioning allows you to avoid wasting time with the tire kickers and non-ideal peeps.

There are two simple ways to start positioning yourself today so that you attract the “right” clients immediately:

Step 1:  Know – and articulate – very, very clearly who isn’t your ideal client.

You’ve learned, by now, how important it is to choose your ideal client and to communicate that clearly. Have you ever thought about the flip side of that equation? How often do you share who isn’t your dream client?

I’m not suggesting that you change the header on your website to say, “I do not help people find their perfect mates” (even though that’s what I was tempted to do after the experience I just shared).


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Positioning allows you to do work that you love – with clients that excite you.


I asuggesting that you let people know that you don’t offer “one-and-done” services (because that doesn’t yield the lasting results that your clients are seeking).

Be clear that you don’t work with people who aren’t willing to put in the time and work (because, hey, if they don’t show up and invest time in the process, you can magically wish results upon them).

Yell from the rooftops that you don’t work with people who like to complain or blame others (yep, no victim mentality allowed).

You get the idea.

By clearly outlining who you don’t work with, you will more easily attract the people who are ready to invest in themselves, and their results through you. Just as Rome wasn’t built over night, achieving big goals in health/life/business will take more than one session or one month with you.

And that’s OK, because it’s worth it to them.

Step 2:  Create a few hurdles that they must clear to be able to spend time with you.

Part of the application process that I use includes having an interested potential client complete a short application form.  (To see what mine looks like, please click here: www.kristamartin.com/freeconsult).

What is one small step that you’ll take today to better positi
The cool thing about creating a short questionnaire is that it:

Allows the person to self-select out.

If they aren’t willing to fill out the form then they definitely aren’t going to be willing to do the work necessary to get results.

It helps you prepare prior to the conversation (or potentially refer them to someone else if you see that the responses clearly don’t align with your area of expertise)

It gives the person a chance to reflect and clearly articulate what is important to them.  Honestly, how many times in your life do you get a chance to sit down and process what you really want?

What is one small step that you’ll take today to better position your business so that you can attract your ideal clients tomorrow?



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