Last week I attended the Midwest ICF (International Coach Federation) conference in Indianapolis. Not only did I have a chance to connect with friends (old and new), sharpen my coaching skills, and have fun, but I also noticed that a conversation I had with a colleague was different than those that usually take place at conferences.

You see, we reflected, we planned, and we mapped out how we’ll take action.

We didn’t just sit and listen.

It’s much easier to show up and assume that the right information will soak in, and that we’ll take away what we need to so that we can serve our clients better. (You and I both know what happens when we make assumptions…)

What’s more powerful? Enter each session, each activity with intention: an intention to learn, an intention to grow, and an intention to get into action.

What I’m asking you to do today is what most people miss.

It’s also why most business owners continue to do the same thing over and over and complain that building their business feels “hard.”

As CEO of your life and business, you’re building a new muscle in your brain. You are building the slow-down-so-I-can-speed-up muscle.

(You’re probably thinking: “But Krista, I just need to get stuff DONE!” and I sooo get it. Stay with me here, though, because I want to show you that as you allow yourself time to slow down and think, you’ll actually speed up your results.)

There are 3 areas to focus on so that you can speed up your results:

1. What worked?

When you project what your income will be, what your desired results will be (even if it’s just a guess, that’s OK), you have something to measure against.

If you haven’t done this previously, let’s start now!

As you look at what worked well (or better than planned), consider how you can incorporate this into your plan moving forward. (As humans we like to make things harder than they need to be. We’ll say, “Oh that worked awesome! Now I need to try something new!” Instead of that, I invite you to consider repeating what did work.)

2. What didn’t?

This is one of my favorite places to look for opportunities. Questions to consider for this part of the journey:

Do I want to continue this activity? Why? If so, what can I change to make it better next time?

If it didn’t work and you don’t feel excited about trying it again, hooray! Now you have the space to try something different.

3. What will I do moving forward?

Here’s the most fun part: choose what you want to bring with you from Step 1 and make the upgrades that you uncovered in Step 2.

Map out your next 90 days and as you get clear on your projections, get really specific. What’s the exact dollar amount or exact number of new clients that you’d like to enroll as a result of each activity?

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Allow yourself to slow down and think so that you can speed up your results.

The process CAN be really simple. The hardest part is slowing down long enough to look at your results, reflect, and be strategic about what’s next.

My challenge to you today is this: Allow yourself to slow down and think so that you can speed up your results. Schedule an hour to reflect on what’s been working, what hasn’t, and what you’ll do differently.

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