When I first started my coaching business, while selling drugs (pharmaceuticals), I had a single client and he paid me $175 per month. At that time, I also had a VA and the monthly investment that I sent to her was the exact same number. She put together my newsletter, posted my blog and did all sorts of ninja-y things that I just didn’t have the time (or mental bandwidth) for.

So, you could say I learned very early how to outsource what I didn’t like to do or didn’t have the desire to learn.

Looking back, I also learned how as I earned “more” ($175/month at that time), I could also allow more money to flow through me.

Money comes in…flows out…more comes in….more flows out…

Fast forward to today, several years later, and I invest thousands of dollars each month in my business.

Yes – thousands of dollars. It’s completely worth it.

With a coach, a bookkeeper, a VA and a few other superstars that help with projects, I’m now more comfortable and recognize how when more money flows in…more can flow out. And when decisions are made to allow more money to flow out…more can flow in.

It’s really powerful if you stop to think about it. It’s graceful, too.

I was at a Mastermind event when I brought up that I was thinking about upgrading from the virtual assistant that I was using to the one that I’m working with now.

At that time, I was paying my assistant (a different one from the $175/month ninja) about $250 per month and I was considering upgrading to a new level of support that would cost more than 6 times that amount. SIX TIMES THE AMOUNT.

Was I scared? Heck ya.

As I brought my situation up during lunch, it hit me: an old limiting belief – the belief that your growth has to be incremental – was sneaking back in.

(Yes, those beliefs are super annoying and show up in new ways at different levels. Just when you think you’ve knocked one off, it shows up again, BAM-O.)

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Don’t think about where you are coming from, but instead make decisions from where you want to be.


I’m a long time member of the it- has-to-be-hard and you-have-to-pay-your-dues club.

In fact, I may have even been the president of that club at one time.

I’m sharing this with you because as your business grows, you, as a person, have to (get to) grow with it.  Sometimes we can spot the reemergence of an old story, or an old limiting belief, that we thought had been conquered… but most times we can’t.

Take a few minutes today to think bigger and bolder than you’re allowing yourself right now. Don’t think about where you are coming from, but instead make decisions from where you want to be.

Challenge yourself to take action and invest in yourself – and your results – before you feel ready.

I knew the answer to my question about whether or not to upgrade to a new assistant when I asked myself this: When I see myself 5 years from now, what type of team do I have working with me? 

And, you guessed it: It’s an “A” team.

Not a “C” team or even a “B” team.

Not even an “A-“ team.

And guess what? It’s been one of the best – and most profitable – decisions that I’ve made.

Choose to create more, to move through your fear, to live the most amazing version of your life possible. After all, if doing what you’re doing hasn’t taken you to where you want to be, isn’t it time you tried something new?

What if it’s possible that…

…you have enough time for the important things?

…you have enough money to invest in your results?

…you have everything that you need to be successful?

…you can build a business you love with grace and ease?


My challenge to you today is this: Share one thing below that you’ll commit to doing, or even a new way of thinking, TODAY. Choose something that will make the future, super successful version of you proud.

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