As CEO’s, as entrepreneurs, and especially as coaches, we all tend to fall into the serial learner category.

That’s OK…up to a point.

Building a business, especially a 6 figure business, requires that you grow because you must do the inner work to create the outer results that you desire.

You see, your business is a vehicle through which you not only serve clients and impact the world, but it’s also how you become who you really are.

The self-development part of the business-building journey isn’t for sissies. It’s also the most awesome gift that you’ll ever receive.

Way too often, I hear coaches say, “I just need one more certification…one more degree…and THEN I’ll be ready.”

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What if you, just as you are right now, ARE enough?


Newsflash: This is your ego’s attempt to convince you that you aren’t ready yet. (And the ego will always seek out another certification or learning opportunity for you to focus on, regardless of how many letters you have after your name. Have you seen this pattern play out in your life?)

When a coach tells me that she’ll think about working with her first client after she goes through another certification or gets another degree, it’s often the ego that’s secretly at work trying to keep her from moving onward and upward (because change, even when it’s positive, can feel scary, right?)

If you recognize that you are stuck in the “I-need-to-wait” camp, here’s what you can do:

1. Look squarely in the face of what you’re trying to avoid.

To see what I mean, ask yourself these questions:

What am I avoiding? 

What is pursuing this certification, another degree, allowing me to postpone?

What scares me about saying, “I’m ready”?


During my next client retreat, we’re going to dig deep into each persons perceived obstacles. Because, when you take the time to look at that obstacle squarely in the face (and yes, it should feel a bit uncomfortable) and then ask a few questions about it, it’s likely that you’ll start to see your obstacle for the gift that it is. Your obstacle is your path.

It’s your fastest path forward.

It’s your path to growth.

It’s your path to getting past your excuses.

It’s your path to living the life you dream about.


2. What if you, just as you are right now, ARE enough?

What’s “enough,” really?  Have you taken the time and focus to lay out exactly what “enough” looks like?

When I was in my corporate sales job, I often told my coach that I wasn’t quite ready to leave my job. I had lots of reasons to justify why I wasn’t ready to take the leap.

She coached me through my excuses so that I could see that as long as I allowed myself to avoid having a clearly identified goal of when I’d be “ready,” I wasn’t driving the bus. Fear, ego, and playing small were driving the bus. And they kept moving the target so that it was just out of reach.

So choose a date, a dollar amount, or a specific level of training. Choose something specific and commit that once you hit that marker, there’s no more room for excuses. Choose to be ready, to show up, and to serve.


 3. What if you don’t have to be a perfect coach to be able to serve your clients?

What if you don’t have to be the guru or the well known expert to be able to help your clients?

All you need is to be a few steps ahead of your clients. (Plus, you’re much more likely to be able to help them right where they are if you’ve been in the same spot as them not too long ago.) Your client doesn’t need to know how to lose 100 pounds, or her 101st pound. She just needs to know how to get started and how to lose the first pound. Then you can move her along towards what’s next.

At the end of the day, all of these come down to one core issue: YOU aren’t driving the bus. Your fear, your ego, and anyone else who happens to walk by is in the drivers seat.

So, my challenge to you today is to stop making it about you and your fears and instead make it about your clients and the impact you are called to make. Choose to focus on who you can serve and how you can serve them, and the rest will fall in place.

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