At a networking event, one of my colleagues told me that she felt like a failure.

She was going to start working part-time until her revenue came back up.  Or, she muttered, maybe she’d just give up.

Knowing her level of awesomeness and how much she enjoyed serving her clients, I knew that wasn’t what she wanted, in her heart.

Building your own business is the biggest and most amazing self-development adventure that you could ever experience. Along with the good, comes what feels like, the not-so-good.

Along with the expansion comes…the contraction.

And, the coolest part is that you get to choose what everything means by choosing how you think about it.  (And bumps in the road like this, by the way, are why working one-on-one with a mentor or coach is so vitally important.)


Ok, let me tell you (another) little story.

As you know, I started to build my coaching business while I was working in a corporate sales job.  It was definitely a “side business” because I didn’t work on it more than 10 hours each week (including client coaching calls).

Then, one emotional day, I was given a gift: I was part of a massive downsizing and was presented with 10 weeks of severance pay.

I knew that this was my opportunity to build my 6 figure business and never look back.

As the adventure unfolded, though, I wasn’t able to build a 6 figure business in 10 weeks (I focused on all the wrong things – more on this another time).  So, I had to go back to work.


I had to get a J-O-B.

(And, don’t worry – – I’ve since learned exactly what I was doing wrong and what to do instead to speed up this learning curve.  That’s what I teach my clients.)

I cried, I was tempted to give up, and I worked through it with my coach.

I looked at my family and wondered if all of this emotional chaos and time spent on my business was really worth it.  I thought about giving up.

What I realized is that I could take responsibility for the situation – and how I felt about it – or I could play the victim card and throw in the towel.  I’m not sure about you, but giving up felt like I’d be betraying myself somehow.


So, I chose to shift my perspective.

And, believe it or not, it was one of the most powerful choices I ever made.

All of a sudden, things didn’t feel so bad.
I started to see new opportunities.  A feeling of excitement was rekindled inside of me as I considered this new chapter.
I didn’t have to be a corporate woman.  I could still be me, a business owner.
I didn’t have to define myself by my J-O-B.  I could define myself by my values, my business, and my family.
Instead of looking at myself as a failure, I could look at myself as a responsible mother.  A strategic business owner.  A real person.
I could go to my day JOB and be average.  I didn’t have to be a superstar performer like I had in the past.  I could choose to save my energy for my business.  (This was a big one.)


It was all up to me: and I chose this new, powerful perspective.

When I opened up about this, I learned that many of my business owner colleagues had corporate ties, especially at the beginning of their business building adventure.  Some did consultant work off and on while others worked part-time (or even full time).

The kicker for me was that it wasn’t how they defined themselves (or how their clients defined them).  Instead, it was simply a means to an end.  Working for someone else allowed them to continue to support their lifestyle and business as they built it in to the empire that they dreamed about.

In a way, it was sort-of like a Sugar Daddy funding their dream.

You’ve probably thought about how you’d give or do anything to have your dream business.  If that’s really the case, why does working for someone else for a period of time fall outside of that realm?

You can – and will – get to the place that you are working full-time for yourself if that’s what you want.  Another cool thing, too, is knowing that there are many people out there – like me – that have done exactly that.


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You can – and will – get to the place that you are working full-time for yourself if that’s what you want.


It can feel hard or difficult or challenging or overwhelming if you let it.

Choose expansive, fun, and exciting instead, though, OK?  (And for some peeps, especially those just starting out, having some form of consistent income allows them just the right about of breathing room to see – and break through – challenges that would’ve kept them stuck otherwise.)

So, embrace your awesome.

Embrace this opportunity.

Allow yourself to follow your own path and, most importantly…

…allow it to be fun.

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