I’ve noticed a lot of people sitting in the Land O’ Indecision lately and this post is an effort to help you out if you’ve somehow landed on that shore when it comes to deciding between two very good options for your email service provider (i.e. Ontraport vs. Infusionsoft).

Likely, you are staying stuck and avoiding doing something really big and really important in your biz (you know, making money, marketing, and serving your clients).


So, let’s get you to a decision and get you moving forward, OK?  

The beautiful part of this is that you – yes YOU – get to choose when you ship sets sail and when you release the struggle associated with deciding.  Pretty cool, huh?  You’re the President, CEO and super awesome person in charge so if you’re stuck on this island, it’s your fault.

So, where did my journey begin with email service providers?

I started with Aweber and shortly thereafter moved to 1Shopping Cart.  While I’m not in the business of talking poorly about others, I felt like I was upgrading at the time but what I experienced was anything but an upgrade in email service and deliverability.


Wanna know a lie that you’ve been told in the list building + marketing world?  

A big fat lie that was told to me was that you are screwed if you decide to change email service providers. It’s absolutely, 100%, not true. You can easily change and if you have a good VA, she can probably switch your peeps from one service to another in a very short period of time.  And NO, they don’t have to re-opt in. I’m telling you this so that you don’t let this ugly rumor keep you stuck or prevent you from changing because it simply isn’t true. You can move – and take your peeps with you – very easily.

Ok, so back to changing email service providers.

I left Aweber (who, by the way, provided amazing email delivery service) to pay more money to a “bigger” service that would allow me to sell stuff and have an online store.  I was craving integration, a shopping cart, affiliate management AMAZING email delivery rates and simplicity.

(SIDE NOTE:  I learned that you can do really cool things like use a WP eStore Plugin, link up through Paypal, etc., if you want to combine those with Aweber or Mailchimp for a shopping cart.  That could be a good option. To me that was too many moving parts so I kept moving.)

The email delivery rates were incredibly poor with 1SC (and that was non-negotiable for me).  So, after my assistant moved all of my peeps over to 1SC, set up the shopping cart for me and started teaching me the basics of the system, I was already on to the next adventure.

The big name that I checked out first was Infusionsoft.

Some people told me that they loved it. Some said that they hated it. The biggest take away for me was that I kept hearing how completely overwhelming the setup was and that there was an incredibly steep learning curve. (I’m not very patient and didn’t like the idea of a huge learning curve. Several colleagues told me that they had to spend more money each month so that they could have their VA’s manage this robust system.)

The next person that I asked for her opinion was my assistant.  And guess what?  She was certified in Ontraport.  So, she knew the system better than I ever hoped to.

Insert: Huge sigh of relief.

Ontraport offers a complimentary tour of the system, and I believe that Infusionsoft does, too.  I didn’t take either of the product tours.

Then, I looked at pricing.  While they are similar, Infusionsoft was confusing.  Did I mention that I can be impatient?  Some days it was a certain price if you purchased through a top secret channel while standing on your head and other days it was a higher price.  It wasn’t clear and I never felt like I knew what a good deal would be.

Ontraport’s pricing is on their website.  AND 2 hours of implementation training are included (you have to pay for this with Infusionsoft – I think it’s around $1000).  I used one of the hours and while it was very helpful, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what else they could teach me that I need to know right now.  Yes, my assistant is that good.  And yes, I have found the system to be that user-friendly.

There’s so much more than I can dig into and learn about with Ontraport like, say, their landing pages. I’m a fan of Leadpages so I haven’t made the switch over to using Ontrapages yet but it’s a pretty cool value add (and cost savings if you are using a service like Leadpages) that you get with your monthly investment.

It’s on my list to investigate later.  Or to ask my assistant to check out.

I’m still learning and there’s a lot more for me to explore in the system, but I chose Ontraport because of these reasons:

  1. Email delivery rates are very high
  2. My assistant in an Ontraport Ninja
  3. Initial training is included at no additional cost
  4. I like the spinning wheels on the homepage
  5. There’s an option to use Ontrapages and not pay for Leadpages if I choose to do so

Also…you can easily sign up to be an Ontraport Affiliate.

No strings, no fancy training, nothing is required except that you sign up and let your friends know about the system. I almost cover my monthly investment for Ontraport with the affiliate commissions that I receive each month.  All I do is share my story and let people decide for themselves.

As you can see, I didn’t want to stay in the Land of Indecision and so far, I’ve been incredibly happy with my choice to do some basic research, pull the trigger and then move on to the next adventure in running my biz.


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Action is the antidote to analysis paralysis.


When you’re on the fence, struggling, wondering and worrying, the best thing to do is to make a list of a few important factors and then make a decision.  Then – and only then – will you have an opportunity to see if the decision is “right” for what you need.  Action is the antidote to analysis paralysis, so won’t you please get some (action, that is)?

This is a really long post (and thanks for sticking with it so far).  I’m going to share with you a top secret filter that I walk my clients through and encourage them to use any time that they are considering a new investment or purchase in the business.


My really (really, really) awesome decision making filter:

Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  Do I have a gap between where I am and where I want to be that this can meet?
  2.  Am I totally committed to implementation?
  3.  Am I willing to do what it takes to re-coup my investment, even if it’s scary and I’ve avoided it in the past?

You can award yourself with a green light if your answer to all of the questions above is a resounding “yes.”  When I applied to this my decision to upgrade my email and marketing system (and move to Ontraport), the answers were:  yes, yes, and yes.


Please fire away in the comments below.  What do you think about Ontraport vs. Infusionsoft?  How do you go about making big decisions like this in your life and biz?

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