You do know that time and money and creativity are all forms of energy, right?

So it’s kinda important that we figure out where the leaks are and stop the madness, right?

Let’s start by thinking about a time, preferably recently, when you received really, really great news.  How did you feel that day and in that moment?  Or, what about one of those days where everything seemed to be working out just as you hoped (or better)?

That’s what it feels like to be in alignment.

That’s what it feels like to be congruent.

That’s what it feels like when you don’t have energy leaks.

If you aren’t feeling that way right now, don’t fret.  You are actually in the perfect spot today and we’ll jump in and get started by looking for energy leaks in your life and business.  And it actually begins, not surprisingly, by allowing yourself to go IN.

The inner work that we do allows us to create the outer results we desire.

So, are you willing to go IN?

One of the first things that I do with clients is to get clear on their values.  What makes them happy and feel fulfilled?  Then we work together to craft their Top 10 list of the values that most resonate and excite them.

We use this list as a guide.

Anytime that you feel frustrated, it’s likely that there’s a value you’ve been ignoring.

You feel stuck?  Go to your list.

Go through each value and ask yourself if you’ve been fully honoring that value in all that you do.  If you haven’t, ask yourself how you can start to honor that value more fully?

Even if you only notice one value that could use a tune up and then tweak how you’re thinking and acting to be in better alignment with that value, you’ll notice a huge shift in how you feel.

That’s called fixing an energy leak.  And it’s awesome.  

Ok, so two questions are probably on your mind:

1. How do I quickly get started identifying my values?

2. What are some common places that energy leaks show up?

And, you know how I LOVE the questions you ask so I will gladly answer.

Getting clear on your values.

The process of clarifying your values is something that you’ll want to do on a regular basis.  As you shift and grow, guess what?  So do your values.  And that’s perfectly natural.

Begin by thinking about 5 people that you admire and enjoy spending time with.  Write down 5-10 traits that you love about each person individually.  Consider what draws you to that person and make note of it.

Now, circle the traits that come up more than once.

I have some really great news: the words that you circled are likely your values.  You see, you wouldn’t notice these traits in others if you didn’t have receptors for those same values inside you.  So, it’s absolutely OK if these values aren’t in full bloom.  They may be just a seed right now. That’s great.

You can also do the opposite – look for people and ideas that you despise.  Write down what you don’t like about this person or idea and when you see common threads, you’ll have clues as to what additional values could include.

A top secret bonus: here’s a section of my slide deck when I was speaking to coaches in Colorado and it includes a list of common values.  It’s yours to use as inspiration.

Ok, so now you have a working document for your top 10 values.

How do you find the energy leaks?

Start by look for places where you are, or have been, incongruent with these values.

For example, is beauty high on your list of values yet your office is a complete disaster and you haven’t combed your hair in weeks?  Or, are you a time management expert and yet you always show up 15 minutes late?  Are you a coach who doesn’t have a coach (this is a big one and often makes people feel like a “fraud”)?


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Anytime that you feel frustrated, it’s likely that there’s a value you’ve been ignoring.


Things you think about all the time?  Look there for some hidden energy leaks.

For example, pretend that your two highest values are honesty and integrity.  Yet, you still haven’t paid your sister back for the $2000 she loaned you.  Maybe she forgot about it and hasn’t reminded you…but if it still comes to mind, then it’s a perfect place for you to step in and plug the leak.

Look for times in the past when you didn’t honor your values and step in to correct them.

And…looking forward.

At my last client retreat, I handed out 3×5 cards and asked each person to write down their top three values, the ones that really resonated with them.  By “resonate” I mean that it makes your heart feel warm.  That’s resonating.

Now, I want you to do the same thing.

Grab a small card that you can keep in your wallet or somewhere handy and write down your top 3 values.  Before your next speaking engagement, before you pick up the kids, before you visit the inlaws, pull it out and read it.

Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: how would a person that values x, y, and z show up?

And then do that.


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