After I spoke at an event several weeks ago, a coach came up to me and we started talking about her clients and her dreams for her life and her business.

I asked her an important question: “What amount of money would you love to see flow through your business each year?”

Her response was a dismal one: “Well, you see…I only need to make $50,000 a year to cover my expenses, so that’s my goal.”


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It’s not about having time, money, or creativity. It’s about what you do with them.


The next question I asked her took her by surprise.

“When did it become OK to struggle and just barely get by?”

She then launched into a story about how she doesn’t need very much, and went on for several minutes before coming up for air.

I was pulled in another direction and didn’t get to complete our conversation but as I went to bed that night, I thought about her.

I thought about how she probably didn’t like what I asked her. (And that’s OK. My job, as your coach, isn’t to be your friend but instead to challenge you to think in new ways and release old stories.)

My hope for that woman was that she had accepted the possibility that maybe – just maybe – she could have a wildly abundant life and serve her clients at a high level. Maybe, just maybe, she’d be open to that.

You see, when your goal is to build a six figure business, you aren’t greedy.

It’s actually the exact opposite.

When you allow yourself to play small and “settle,” that’s when you’re being greedy. It’s greedy because you’re keeping all of your gifts, your services, and your talents from serving the very people that need exactly what you have to offer. Plus, when you accept that “just surviving is OK,” aren’t you indirectly telling others that it’s okay for them to play small, too?

I’ve also learned a very simple and powerful truth: Time, money, and creativity are all forms of energy.


It’s not about having time, money, or creativity. It’s about what you do with them.

When you reach six figures in your business, you get to channel that money in the direction of making a bigger impact on the lives of the ones you love, the ones you serve, causes you believe in, and create a powerful ripple effect that touches people you’ll never meet.

So, let’s do a quick exercise:

Who has made a lot of money in their lifetime and served many people because of it?

Who, in your opinion, is wildly successful, and is also generous with their time, money, and creativity? (Go on, post the names that come to mind in the comments section below.)

Do you notice how your attention and energy shifts when you focus on how allowing more income to flow through your business is actually a very good thing? And not something you need to be embarrassed about?

As I tell my clients, you always find what you’re looking for. If you look for shit, you’ll find shit.

So, my challenge for you is to look for reasons that allowing more money to flow through your business will allow you to more fully live out your values and make a bigger impact.  



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