As you might know, I had the pleasure of working in person with some of my clients over the last two weeks. That type of work completely energizes and drains me.

I’ve learned how to prepare – mentally, emotionally and physically – and how to allow myself the space and time to unwind afterwards.

When I started working with one of my very first coaches, she invited us to regular retreats.  In person events that were awesome and filled with content. And people. And ideas. And loads of energy.

And in the evening, some people in the group wanted to go out to dinner and continue the conversation.  At that time, without knowing what I needed, I was excited to go along with them.

Now, though, I’ve realized that I need – and want – time to decompress.  If I’m at an event, I give myself permission to say “no” to going out to dinner (even if I really want to) because I want to honor my personal rhythm and what allows me to feel my best.

Honoring your needs

Instead of going home after two or three days and being exhausted, I now go home from events feeling energized and refreshed.  (Yes, this is totally possible – it’s up to you and the standards you set for yourself and your self care).

What I want to share with you today does have a little bit to do with that – setting standards that allow you to be at your best and that honor who you truly are – but more to do with what I allow myself to experience when I create space for myself.

I’ve been on coaching calls this week with members of the Six Figure Impact™ Academy and as usual, there is a common thread that’s woven through each call.

The theme circles around creating space for ourselves and not filling every minute of our day and night with the noise of being “busy.”  The theme includes releasing the “it-has-to-be-this-way,” white-knuckling-it mindset.

It only has to be hard if you say it does.

You may look at your night stand and see 15 books that you feel compelled to absorb, or you may look at how your to do list never gets done (or shorter!) or how you’re always busy doing something.

That’s what I want you to pause and notice.


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My invitation to you today is to simply BE.


What if, instead of looking outside of you for what you are seeking, you paused and looked IN?

Instead of creating the flurry of busy, what if you paused and reflected on what matters most to you and how you can do one major step towards that today?

What if you’re ready?

What if it’s possible that you already have everything that you need inside of you and your next step is simply being present to your life and allowing things to unfold?

My invitation to you today is to simply BE.

Allow yourself the space to read that magazine that’s been sitting on your counter top (not one related to business), allow yourself to take an extra walk during the day, create space to honor you and celebrate how amazing you are and what you’ve accomplished.

No more getting ready to get ready.

You’re here for a reason. A purpose. And it’s big.

I invite you to step out, be seen, and allow the magic of opportunity and intention to swirl around you and surprise you with how much the world needs you – and embraces you – as you share your gifts.

You are (more than) enough.

You’re ready.


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