How many webinars have you registered for this year?

How many have you actually attended (or listened to the recording)?

If you could absorb all of the education that’s stored on our computer, would you be a millionaire today or would it take until tomorrow?

What I’m trying to help you see here is that we have access to way too much information. And that’s a big problem.

It’s way too easy to convince yourself that you’re working when you really aren’t. I mean, if you’re listening to the information, typing an email and thinking about a client conversation from yesterday….are you really showing up anywhere?

And, are you actually implementing anything that is being shared on the webinar?

What if…you know enough, already?

When a shiny object  (in the form of a free webinar or resource) pops up on Facebook or your inbox, I want you to pause and take a deep breath before signing up.

Unless it directly relates to your 90 Day Goals, just SAY NO.

The more that you sign up for free trainings and webinars, the more you’re energetically shouting “I’m not enough! I’m not ready!”

And, the great news is that you are, absolutely, 100% ready just as you are today.

You don’t need more information.

You need more implementation.

How do I know that information, by itself, isn’t enough? Well, if it was, then there’d be one self-help book and one diet book and we’d all be skinny and happy.

If you’re building your coaching business based on all of the free information you can find, you’re piecing your business together using duct tape. Is that REALLY how you want to do it?

Duct tape is not an effective strategy if your goal is to attract more clients and make more money because when you try a little bit of strategy from here and mix it with a little bit of strategy from over there, you quickly become scattered with little impact.

And…that sucks.


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Building your business with all of the free info you can find means piecing your business together using duct tape.


That’s one reason that when I teach my clients how to attract more clients and make a bigger impact, I use a system that helps them to get results quickly.

I’ve also seen (and was guilty of this myself for awhile) that when you attend 18,000 webinars each week, you’re allowing yourself to be busy and distracted.

You could be…

I’m curious….is there a chance you’re avoiding the real “work” of getting clear?

Or maybe you’re avoiding mapping out your plan for putting yourself out there (i.e. that thing called “marketing”)?

Or are you avoiding following up with potential clients?

If your business could speak to you, what would it say is the area that is in most need of your undivided attention? Hint: Go there. That’s where the gold is hiding.

Please share if you recognize yourself in this cycle of avoiding the exact things that will allow your business to grow. 

When you post below it’s a beautiful thing because it forces you to get clear about what you’re resisting…and feel the energy and excitement about being enough and being willing to do the work that matters.



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