Oh, one of my favorite things to dig into: getting more done in less time. Isn’t that what we all want? Or, at least it’s what we say we want, right? Or, is it simply what we’ve learned to say that we want?

Rather than just getting more stuff done, what if you were able to complete more of the important things? How great would that feel?

(Pretty great.)

And, to make it even better…what if you could get more of the important things done with grace and ease?

(Now we’re talking.)

If you’re stuck in the muck of “there’s just too much to do” and you’d give your right arm to finally get some traction in your business (without working harder), then you’re in the right place today.

I have a top secret place for you to look to find not only more time, but more energy, more focus, and bigger, better and faster results. You in for real, now?

Let’s start by looking at what you’re tolerating (and what’s draining your energy).

As you begin working on your personal Top 10 Things I Tolerate list, consider these areas:  (1) people, (2) your business, (3) your personal life, (4) your habits, and (5) your physical space.

Now, let me give you a super simple example of something that I was tolerating for way. too. long.

I was tolerating a non-compliant mouse.

Not a four legged mouse but a computer mouse. Some days I wished it had legs and would just walk off because it was that annoying to me.

I’m sure my neighbors overheard me slamming it down, repeatedly, trying to get it to work.

Then, about two weeks ago, I invested in myself (and my sanity) by purchasing this really pretty blue wireless mouse that I adore. I ADORE IT. (Seriously, I just double right clicked it, as I’m typing this, to say “thanks for being AWESOME.”)

Without going into the story even further (and yes, there’s more….), I want to illustrate how much this one seemingly teeny-tiny thing had on my energy daily.


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How can you upgrade your internal programming?


Each day it didn’t work, I’d slam it on my desk, trying to get it to cooperate. (Mouse: 1, Krista: 0)

I’d waste time and energy re-starting my computer and fiddling with it. (Mouse: 2, Krista: 0)

Or – even worse – in the middle of a webinar I’d have to use a different method to move the slides forward because my mouse wasn’t working. (Mouse: 500, Krista: 0)

Doing The Work.

When you look under any toleration, you’ll see patterns and uncover some of your subconscious programming. (This programming, if left unattended, will derail your success.)

Using this example, I could’ve come up with a host of possible underlying beliefs like:

I don’t deserve to have top of the line technology that serves me.

I don’t have the time to buy a new one.  

I want someone else to fix this and if I wait long enough, someone will save me.  

It’s SUPPOSED to be hard and I’m supposed to struggle.


None of those feel very good and let me tell you, at least one of these beliefs was driving my personal frustration bus. As I paused to look through the lens of curiosity, I realized that, “I don’t have enough time to do this” was playing over and over in the background.

I shifted my story, found the time, and now I’m in mouse heaven.

Your New Superpower: Awareness.

So what did I do and how can you upgrade your internal programming?

To begin with, practice paying attention.

Look for things that you’re tolerating. Get curious. What patterns emerge?  What stories are you being opened up to see, and heal, as you move forward on your business building journey?

Building a business is the most amazing (and exhausting) self development journey you’ll ever get to go on. It’s absolutely worth the ride and when you seek out opportunities for growth, you’ll find them.

And, as you do this work, you’ll see new clients, new income, and new results show up in your business.



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