Summer slump or summer success?

Enrolling new clients doesn’t have to slow down in the summer…unless you say it does. (And, well, that’s how pretty much everything in your business and life works, too.)

Last week, two clients in the Six Figure Impact® Academy celebrated their first 5 figure month. And yes, my calendar is just the same as yours: we just completed the month of June, which many people will tell you is a slow time for business.

“Everyone is on vacation during the summer, so sales slump.”

“No one wants to buy coaching programs or invest in themselves during the summer so it’s not worth the effort of reaching out to potential clients.”

“It’s a waste of time to to go to networking events because no one shows up this time of year.”

The business owners that repeat stories and untruths like these have a reactive instead of proactive mindset. Instead of seeing opportunities, they seek out proof and justification for the limitations.

As I tell my clients, you’ll always find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for shit, you’ll find shit.

So, guess what? Stop looking for shit.

A Change of Mindset

Yes, your business can slow down in the summer. Let’s not look for proof of that.

Instead, look for the reasons your business will grow exponentially and seek out other success stories as proof that this time of year is the most profitable.

Look for what you want. Celebrate the successes that two of my clients created just last week. If they can do it, so can you.  

So, what’s the magic bullet to creating your first 5 figure month?  

The magic bullet is this: there isn’t a magic bullet that fixes everything.

Once you stop chasing every new idea hoping that it’ll rescue you from your current challenges, you’re then free to see the opportunities that have been right in front of you this entire time.


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Your success isn’t determined by the market, economy, time of year, etc. It’s determined by one person: YOU.


My clients will tell you that their first 5 figure month was due to a combination of things, like:

…a commitment to show up for themselves, their clients, and the impact they are called to make even when they didn’t feel like it.

… allowing themselves to see the value that they offer to their clients.  

… taking consistent, imperfect action towards their goals.

… hearing “no” and not taking it personally.  

…taking a stand for their beliefs, their clients, and the impact they are here to create.

…aligning their beliefs with their actions.

When you acknowledge that there isn’t a magic pill or idea or marketing platform that will save you, a big shift happens.

The power shifts into your hands.

Your success is no longer determined by the market, the economy, the time of year, etc. Nope, your success gets to be determined by one person: you.

What would happen if you took 100% responsibility for your results in life, your relationships, and your business?


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