You’re interested in moving the needle not little by little but by leaps and bounds, right? (If so, you’re in the right place.)

Last week I spent two full days with my clients in the Six Figure Impact® Academy, at our quarterly retreat.  We dug into all things marketing, money, and mindset. We rolled up our sleeves, put together plans, laughed and celebrated.

One of the mindsets that we discussed may sound familiar to you.

It’s the mindset – the belief – that your growth has to be incremental.

Maybe you have 3 clients right now and you think that your next phase will be working with 5 clients.


Maybe you have 1,000 email subscribers and your list has been growing by about 3-5% per month so you base your goals on that trajectory.


Maybe your business brought in $60,000 last year and so your goal for this year is $70,000.

What I’m about to share with you is going to twist your brain a little bit (in a good way) and will allow you to grow by leaps and bounds:  Your growth doesn’t have to incremental – unless you say it does.

One of the coolest things about life and running your own business is that you get to create your rules. Ever notice how when you look for proof that your growth can be fast and easy that you start to find examples of exactly that?



In the video, I shared an example of a time when I was limiting my own growth and making up that my business could only expand by little bits and pieces at a time.

Several years ago, I was at an event working with my mentor and coach, and I was frustrated because the assistant that I had been working with was no longer a good fit for where my business was headed.

So, what did I do?  I went out and found a few options for who I could bring onto my team.

I found one assistant that was pretty good, a definitely step in the right direction, and about double the monthly investment that I was used to.

I found another team of assistants that was absolutely fabulous and was almost 10x my current investment.

So, limited by my thinking, I was going to hire the middle of the road option “for now.”  Then, once I got to the next stage of business, I reasoned that I could bring on the next level of support – the “crème de la crème”, as I viewed it.

Then, it hit me:  I was making decisions from where I was, at that moment, rather than looking at my current situation and making decisions from where I wanted to be.

No wonder my growth was slow and steady.

So, I did what scared me to death:  I hired the team that my future self would be working with.


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Your growth doesn’t have to incremental – unless you say it does.


And guess what?  My income more than tripledI reached into the world of multiple six figures – for the first time as a result of this shift.

Were these results due solely to the new team that I brought on?  No, not 100%.  My results were due to the fact that I started acting, thinking, and showing up as the future version of me.

I want to leave you with some questions that will help you uncover where you can ditch the incremental growth and instead step into the quantum leaps that you’re dreaming about.

Where in your life or business are you making it harder than it needs to be?  Where are you waiting (and embracing the idea that your growth has to be incremental)?


When you identify these areas, look for steps you can take that the future self would celebrate you taking.  Also, beware:  new habits need support.  What support and structures can you put in place to keep you on track in these areas?


Lastly (and this is my favorite), what old stories and beliefs do you get to release as you embrace your new ways of thinking?

Thanks for being you and for your willingness to think, act, and show up as if you’re already “there”.





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