Last week was a lot of fun.

Not only did I speak at my first global conference, but I connected with hundreds of coaches and business owners that are ready to make a much bigger impact with their work.

Basically, it was pretty epic.

As I flew home from Washington DC last week, I noticed that a habit, I’m going to share with you today, already kicked in.  (That’s the beauty of habits that support us – they kick in, on autopilot, and help us move forward intentionally).

What you’ll see in the video today is a very simple process that I’d like for you to adopt in relation to everything that’s important to you.

It’s simple, yes, and it’s also easy to avoid.

If you’re in this to make a big impact, serve more clients and have as much fun along the way as possible, then you don’t want to miss out on building this structure around the things that matter most to you.


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My clients will often begin our coaching call with a big win, and the first question that I ask them is one of the most powerful ones from the entire coaching call.

The celebration is vitally important.


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Allow yourself to absorb all of the lessons that are present for you in every experience you have.


Then, the next step is to seek out the learning:

What lessons are here for you?  

What are you taking away from this?  

What do you want to do the same way next time?  

What will you do differently?  

What will you add to your process the next time you ?


While the questions aren’t hard to answer, they are incredibly easy to skip.

And remember: spaghetti isn’t a strategy.

You can begin by looking at something big picture, maybe your overall business success in the past 6-12 months.  Maybe you want to get more specific and look at your most recent speaking opportunity or networking event.

Take small steps, be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to absorb all of the lessons that are present for you in every experience you have.  Not only will you grow more quickly, but I promise the adventure will be a lot more fun (and profitable).

Please share:  What’s the first area you’ll apply this new framework to?



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