As you read this, I’m working with my coach and preparing to mastermind with my business BFF’s. (I know technology isn’t “new” but I still marvel at how you receive – or see things – and I’m not having to do them right in that moment.)

Ok, ah-hem. Back to you.

As I was packing for the trip, I was thinking about how isolating it can feel when you’re trying to do it all on your own.

The energy of isolation can keep you stuck, frustrated, and can ultimately derail your business completely.

If you’re like me (and most of my clients), you thrive on the energy and excitement that happens when you get together with other coaches that are building their businesses, too. You feed off the interaction, collaboration, teamwork, and the opportunity to brainstorm. There’s the upward positive spiral that swoops you up and takes you to that next level.

Breakthroughs occur.

Clarity happens.

New ideas are born.

Impact is created.

For a long time, I was invited to attend events and I immediately said “no.”

I had lots of excuses that I convinced myself were good “reasons.” (You know, things like, “I’m too busy,” “I won’t learn anything new,” “I won’t have any fun,” “My family and clients need me too much to step away to focus ON my business rather than working IN it.”).

Then, a coach colleague invited me to attend a live event in Atlanta.

I trusted her and decided that I had nothing to lose. Instead of looking for reasons that I couldn’t attend, I shifted my focus to looks for reasons that it could benefit me.

What if, as a result of attending the event, I gained more clarity?

What if I learned a new strategy or mindset that would allow me to grow more quickly?

What if I felt re-energized and created a new “normal”?

What if I met someone that would be an ideal client? Someone that would be a perfect fit to join my team?

Looking at my results up to that point, it was clear to me that I needed to do something new for the sake of creating new results.

And guess what?

All of the above happened AND I crossed into the land of multiple six figures – with a wait list – the following year.


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I’m ready to ditch the struggle bus and learn exactly how to create the coaching business of my dreams.


My new level of success wasn’t due solely to what I learned that day or who I met. It was due to a new level of commitment and a new level of showing up that I stepped into.

And that’s why I want you to join us at Six Figure Impact® LIVE! November 9-10th, 2017.


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This is the event, your opportunity, to do just that. Re-focus, re-align, plan, strategize and re-commit to your business and the impact you’re called to create.

If you’re ready to ditch the struggle bus and learn exactly how to create the coaching business of your dreams, please join us.

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You in? (I hope so!)



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