I’ve got a truth bomb for you: It’s not really about you not having the time.

Or you not having the money. (Those are convenient excuses, though.)

It’s easy to beat ourselves up when things don’t work out how we imagine they should. That client was supposed to say YES the deal was supposed to close YESTERDAY and that speaking opportunity was supposed to yield 5 clients.

I’m curious, though… What if it’s possible that the answers, the support, and the opportunities that you’ve asked for are right in front of you? (And they’re even better than you imagined them to be?)

You just haven’t allowed yourself to see them.

You may be thinking that I’m always talking how important it is to have clear goals, a plan, and a vision board. That’s true.

And, there are several other elements in the manifesting game that you can’t ignore. (And yes, of course, part of it is to consistently take inspired and aligned action.)

When you’re focused on how it should look, rather than how you’ll feel when you get there, you will miss the entire point of this adventure.

A Better Path

You’re driving down the road, with white knuckles because you’re so fiercely managing the steering wheel and trying to control all of the details. You’re focused on the road and that

SUCCESS LOOKS THIS WAY that you don’t notice the other cars, the people on the side of the road or the signs suggesting a detour.

Beautiful, awesome, and amazing opportunities show up every single day for us.

When we’re connected to our long term vision and how we want to feel and be, we notice them.

When we’re married to the “this-client-was-supposed-to-say-yes” ups and downs each day, we miss them.


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When you combine your inspired action with allowing and detachment, you’ll notice that things just seem to start to feel more easy and you’ll feel a surge of energy.


One of my clients was recently frustrated that she didn’t think she’d hit her income goal for the quarter.

She was laser focused on filling her group coaching program and that’s the only path she was pursuing. When she loosened her grip on the steering wheel and opened herself to other opportunities, a consulting opportunity from a previous client showed up “out of the blue”.

And that ideal client that had disappeared after her sales conversation a few weeks prior? She “magically” showed up, ready to begin work.

When those opportunities added up, she was all smiles as she looked at how she more than reached her quarterly income goal with much more ease than she originally planned.

She’s now a fan of allowing. She is practicing being focused and unattached.  

(Yes, this is a muscle you can build with practice. I recommended this book to her if you’re interested, too.)

Exiting the Struggle Bus

Running your business doesn’t have to be hard (unless you say it does). It feels that way when you’re pushing your agenda onto other people. You want that potential client to say YES and to do it today.

And that feels icky.

So what’s the opposite of pushing?


And detaching from the outcome.

If a client says yes or no, that’s OK.

And guess what?  More clients say yes when you interact with them and dance in the energy of allowing it to unfold as it’s meant to.

Not everyone is ready. Or an ideal client. And that’s just perfect.

When you combine your inspired action with allowing and detachment, you’ll notice that things just seem to start to feel more easy and you’ll feel a surge of energy.

Heard of the BE – DO – HAVE model?  

Well if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Today might even be better than your birthday.

For the sake of simplicity, it’s the order in which we can create the life we want. The first step is starting at the end.  

Ok, so what is it that you want to have?  (Write that down.)


Then, what do you need to do to get there?  (Write that down, too.)


How do you need to be to do or have those things?  (You know this if you allow yourself to go deep within yourself.)

Your “being” likely includes things like being a leader, being patient, being open, being intentional, being brave and making decisions, being confident… and breathing.

Then, once you’ve written down your responses to those questions, the gift is to start being that way today. Yes, right now.

Start acting like – and speaking from – the future place where you have whatever it is you want.

How would a CEO of a $500k business show up? What would a CEO of a $500k business do?  

That’s the question one of my clients asks herself each day (it’s posted on her wall) because it challenges her to “be” the person that has the life, the business, and has created the impact she’s called to create.

So, I’ll wrap up with some super cool news:

You’ll notice, just as she has, that when you start your day by focusing on being the future version of yourself, the doing and having parts of the equation quickly follow.  Go on, try it.



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