Have you been attacked by “Planning Overwhelm”?

What business plan? Oh man, this year’s plan has to be THE BEST! What are the perfect elements to include so that I’m guaranteed an amazing year? My plan has to be SO GOOD and SO DIFFERENT from the planning that I’m already doing. I have to do something NEW and BIG if I want to be successful.

If so, I’m here to give you a gift today: Take a deep breath. Breathe in…and out.

As you build your business, planning is absolutely imperative. We all know that.

It doesn’t have to be hard or super fancy. Goals and plans simply give us a place to focus our energy and something to measure ourselves against to see if we’re moving in the direction we intended.

That’s it.

One of my favorite books takes the “I-have-to-create-a-detailed-12-month-plan” freak out and dials it waaay back. It’s much easier to work in smaller chunks and doing so sets you up for more accountability when you’re looking in 90 day (or 12 week) increments.

The book I want you to order – and put to use – is: The 12 week year.


Can I share a secret with you?

Do you know why so many people – AMAZING and SMART people – fail to achieve their goals?

It’s definitely not for a lack of marketing mojo around why you need to plan for your success.

It’s not for a lack of products and programs that offer to help you put your plan together.

No, it’s for a lack of something much bigger.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable? (You’re allowed to squirm as you read this if it makes you feel better.)


What I’m about to tell you isn’t fun.  

When you look at your big goals and your small goals and you let yourself drift away as you imagine how great you’ll feel and what that new level of “success” will give to you, I want you to also look at something else.

I want you to look at the reasons you won’t move forward towards your goals.

Look at all of the excuses (masquerading around as “reasons”) for why you might not achieve that goal. Ouch.


What do you need to give up or do differently?

Are you going to need to get up earlier every morning? Does it require some uncomfortable conversations? What about spending less time on Facebook and more time at networking events? What about sitting down and finally writing that presentation, your operations manual, your programs, that you have locked away in your brain?

Whatever it is that you’ll need to do differently (and you must do things differently if you want to achieve different results), I want you to sit with that for a moment.

Now, will you do something with me, please? Pull out your ninja sword because we’re going to need it as we map out how you’ll overcome the natural resistance that will come up as you get in action.

Change isn’t easy and it always meets with resistance.

This is the secret. It’s the biggest reason that amazing coaches fail to reach their goals. They don’t look at what needs to change on a micro level or prepare for how they’ll overcome the resistance that surfaces.

Still have your ninja sword handy?

Ok, you’re worried that you may not actually get up when the alarm goes off at 4:30am? (That’s a legitimate concern.)

How can you prepare to overcome this almost-guaranteed resistance that’ll show up at 4:30am?

What if you prepare the night before by reminding yourself that when the alarm goes off, you just need to get up and get a drink of water and THEN you can decide if it’s worth it (believe me, once you are up, it’s much easier to stay up.) Or, what if, you sleep in your gym clothes so you’re ready to go right when you wake up? What if your spouse (nicely) kicks you out of bed?


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Change isn’t easy and it always meets with resistance.


Whatever strategy you choose is just fine. The key is that you have this awareness and that you have a strategy.

The good and bad news is that it’s the hardest to get through this resistance the first few times that you do it. Once you’ve muscled through it a few times, though, each day gets incrementally easier.

Preparing for your goals and looking at where you want to be is really fun and exciting and sparkly and all filled with glitter. It’s wonderful, I get it.

And I really want you to actually get THERE this year, OK?

To do that, take a few minutes to prepare for the battle that will present itself. When you’re prepared, you can handle anything that comes your way. (And it never hurts to have your ninja sword handy, too.)

Please share: What are 3 places you’ll encounter resistance as you move toward your goals for 2018?



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