In a coaching call last week, one of my Momentum (one of the levels of the Six Figure Impact® Academy) clients asked how she can create the space to work on her business when the kids are home.

She’s been gifted with more snow days this year than usual so her little ones have been there to “help” more than she anticipated. And, she (understandably) was feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

As we continued the call, she shared her excitement about projects that have been in her head for some time, some new programs she wanted to offer and some powerful ways she wanted to get out, be seen, and connect with more ideal clients.

The problem, as you can guess, is that these ideas were all in her head and she hadn’t been able to implement them. (I don’t think she’s even had time to write them down.)

Frustration is a gift. It’s a sign that you have an opportunity to create new standards or boundaries in your life and business.  (Yay, right?)

We looked at her situation and dug into several important elements (below) that helped her choose the path that’s the best fit for her.


First, she took full responsibility for the situation.

When you blame someone else or the situation, you are giving your power away. When you take full responsibility, there’s an energetic shift that allows you to see more solutions than problems. Try it, it works.)

Then I asked her how she wants to feel at the end of the day? And, what – specifically – needs to happen for her to feel that way?



We aligned her values of being a good mom and building a business she loves with her actions. This is another secret tool: alignment of thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

We explored what it could look like, for her, to honor herself, her business as well as her family. I asked her what could shift to allow her to align these priorities in her life.


The CEO’s perspective.

It’s easy and comfortable to fall into the trap of, “I work from home so I can do all these extra things….” which really means, “I’m not honoring my role and responsibility as CEO and taking the path of least resistance to keep all parties happy”. Ouch.

What would you do if you were working for someone else and had a full time job? What arrangements would you make? What would you delegate? What conversations would you have? (By the way, do you have set work hours for yourself? If you don’t, what’s possible for you if you DID set your hours?)


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Frustration is a gift. It’s a sign that you have an opportunity to create new standards or boundaries in your life and business.


Next comes marriage.

As you can see, there isn’t a cookie cutter answer to this (in business, that’s usually the case). What I invite you to consider is that when you ask yourself these questions and look at these perspectives, options and solutions start to show up.

Based on my personal experience and work with clients, I’ve found that very rarely is one perspective the perfect solution. (What is perfect, anyway?)

Instead, the best solution for each person usually requires combining (or marrying) what you uncover in this process in a way that inspires you to show up in a way that’s truly authentic to you.

Next Steps: Please share where you’re currently feeling frustrated in your business. Remember, it’s a gift! As you look at where this shows up, what values are being ignored? And, what new boundary can you put in place so that you can – and do – honor your values more fully?



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