In working with coaches over the last 6+ years, I’ve seen common threads that prevent them from growing their business as quickly as they’d like.

These two important elements will allow you to grow (quickly) from 5 figures to six figures.

The first one: You’ve got to be willing to be more vulnerable.

The second one, and what I discuss in the video, is your willingness to be more visible.

For a lot of people, allowing yourself to be visible is also allowing vulnerability.



I believe that you’re given a message, a calling, a gift, and it’s your responsibility to share it. Your business is the vehicle that allows you to create a meaningful impact.

Are you willing to be more visible?

Yes, I’m asking if you’re willing to stop hiding behind your computer.

Raise your hand right now if you know you’re guilty of hammering away on your computer all day instead of putting on your big girl (or big boy) CEO panties and getting out and having real conversations with real people?

We live in a noisy world that’s crowded with violence and negativity. It’s your responsibility to combat that negativity by showing up and sharing your message.

Share who you are, what you believe, what you take a stand for, and who you work with.

Start your ripple effect of positivity. Of impact.

I invite you to consider that great marketing adds value, builds trust, educates, and inspires the customer to take action that aligns with their goals.

Your unique life experiences and what you take a stand for are the exact things that will attract your ideal clients so that they can be inspired to create their best life through working with you.

So that they can create their own ripple effect.

One of the tenets of the Six Figure Impact® Academy is this: “when I’m brave and own my awesomeness, I inspire others to be brave and see their brilliance, too”.

So, guess what? It’s your turn.

What Showing Up Looks Like

When you think about being visible, and what upping your game in that department could look like for you, I want to share with you what a client experienced when she showed up more fully.

She completed her first speaking engagement and was pretty sure that her ideal client wouldn’t be in the audience. Nevertheless, her intention was set: she had an important message to share and the people that needed to hear it were in the room. She was willing to be visible, and wasn’t attached to walking out of the presentation with – or without – enrollment conversations set up.

We had a call later that day and she couldn’t stop grinning. Not only did her confidence get a major boost, but she had new referral connections in the works, was offered an opportunity to speak for another group and she had sales conversations on the books.

Her presentation inspired new ways of thinking, new connections, and new conversations. New energy.


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Dare to be more visible.


I’m inviting you to take the same challenge that I offered up to the Six Figure Impact® Academy-ers:  Dare to be more visible.

Dare to be more visible by taking one bold move each week.

The bold move that I challenged my clients to is sharing their mission, their beliefs, their why, by doing weekly Facebook Live videos.

And, by the way, I have to share that perfection is so 2017.  Showing up, imperfectly, will allow you to grow and your audience to connect with the true, authentic and amazing person you are.

To make your commitment real, please share below how you’re willing to up your game when it comes to being visible.



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