Last week, clients in the Momentum Track (part of the Six Figure Impact® Academy) came to Atlanta, and we spent two days together digging into everything related to marketing and business. Since you can’t build a business you love without doing the internal work, we did a lot of mindset shifting, too.

We talked about sales. Programs. Marketing. We dug into old stories and beliefs. And of course, we talked about money.

Most coaches are over delivering and undercharging.

And that’s not good for the client (or the coach).


You see, pricing is an inside job.

The pricing of your services directly relates to what you think of yourself. And what you believe about your clients.

One of the exercises we worked through last week helped each person to begin to see the real value that their programs offer to their clients. It takes a quieting of the ego driven mind and patience to do the real work of mining for this clarity.

When you give yourself a few minutes to be still and reflect on the impact that you’re offering to clients, it can shift how you see your business.

Most business owners are so busy being busy that they don’t honor themselves by investing a few minutes to really get clear on this piece.

And when, as a business owner, you don’t take the time to honor yourself and your business this way, how are you honoring your clients? What are you modeling for them?

If you buy into a client’s story of lack or enroll in their lifelong narrative about how they’re a victim, guess what happens?

You confirm their story. You reaffirm that yes, they are, in fact, less than.  



An Investment in Worth

What if, instead, you helped them to see that their goals are worth investing in? That they are worth it?

How would that shift your conversation about the investment level to work with you?

You see, your pricing isn’t about the market. It isn’t about your client’s ability to pay. It’s a reflection of what you think of you and what you’re willing to let your clients believe about themselves.

The first step to challenging your clients to see their own worth is to take the time to see yours. When you honor yourself, you give your clients permission to honor themselves, too.


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The pricing of your services directly relates to what you think of yourself. And what you believe about your clients.


Grab a pen and write down the potential cost to a client of not working with you or getting the support they need through another means. What consequences could this have on the person’s life – financially, emotionally, mentally, or physically? What are possible implications of each of these consequences? (Yes, write this all down. You’ll see the magic behind this process when you do.)

Then, flip the conversation around and look at five tangible or intangible outcomes that a client could achieve through working with you. Why is each of those outcomes important to the client?

As you brainstorm the answers to these questions, you’ll see that your work really IS changing lives. And you’ll see that you — and they — are worth the investment.

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