What does vulnerability have to do with your business?

Well, a lot. A whole lot.

First, let me start of by thanking you for showing up today and being willing to look at what I’m sharing with you today.

Vulnerability is one of the most resisted qualities by humans. All humans.

Yep – that’s you, me, and even that person sitting across from you.



It’s Human

So, let’s start by acknowledging that you’re amazing and there’s nothing wrong with having a wall up to protect yourself, OK?  And, please know that I’m not going to ask you to take down the entire wall today. Not today. Just a piece or two of it.

As I mentioned in the last post, the two biggest culprits that are preventing coaches from reaching 6 figures in their business are a lack of true vulnerability and not being visible.

Many times these two overlap and that’s perfect. Many times they don’t.



We’re looking at vulnerability for the sake of allowing you to expand into more of who you truly are. As you do this inner work, you’ll notice that the outer results show up in your business.

More ideal clients. More income. More impact.


Vulnerability isn’t a weakness.

It’s a sign of courage and strength. I’ve even seen it described as a beautiful combination of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.

And, guess what?  Entrepreneurship is a never ending course of vulnerability soup. To continue growing professionally, you’ve got to be willing to eat some of this soup each and every day. Otherwise, you risk not fulfilling your potential and not creating the impact you’re here to create. (Ouch!)

Vulnerability means being willing to see – and bring – the entire you to everything you do.  It takes courage to be who we truly are and to risk not being liked.

It takes courage to share your beliefs, to stand up for what’s important to you and to share who your ideal clients are (because that means you’re saying some people aren’t).

The first step towards embracing vulnerability, as with most things, is to become aware of when you feel vulnerable. Practice being mindful of your thoughts, how you feel, and notice how it affects how you show up.


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Vulnerability means being willing to see – and bring – the entire you to everything you do.


Then, practice being vulnerable. You may decide to ask for help from a friend or colleague. Maybe it shows up for you as admitting when a mistake is made. Or, it could be celebrating others when they show up and allow themselves to be seen, and are vulnerable.

How do you know if you are sharing too much?  Great question.

When you look at what you’re about to share and who you’re about to share it with, ask yourself these questions:

What’s the purpose of sharing this?  Am I sharing it to get attention?  Or, am I sharing it to solve a problem?

Your answers to those questions will help guide you as you navigate through what vulnerability looks like for you in your life and business.

As I shared in the last post, I challenged clients in the Six Figure Impact® Academy Momentum Track to step into more visibility by doing a video each week for a month.

My challenge for you is this:  How can you show up in a more vulnerable way this week? Will you share your core values? Your beliefs and what you take a stand for?  What about your story and why you do the work you do?  Please share below.

Also, I’ll give you bonus points for acknowledging that not everyone will like the message. And that’s OK. The right people will stay, share, and listen. The right people are waiting for you, right now.



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