Hiring your first—or thirteenth—team member can feel scary. I get it.

And, bringing on team members is an essential part of growth.

You can’t do it all.

Here’s an important truth: to reach six figures, and especially multiple six figures, it’s impossible for you to do it all.

And, if you’re anything like the clients I work with, you don’t want to do it all.

One of the things I encourage clients in the Momentum Track of the Six Figure Impact® Academy is to hire before they feel ready.

When you feel ready to bring on your next team member, you’ll likely be in an overworked-exhausted-stressed-out state and hiring someone at that point will only add to your already overflowing plate. This is what makes hiring super easy to postpone.

When you get to this point, you enter into the danger zone of working too much, undercharging, and being on the verge of burn out.

You make the hire.

So, what happens when you hire your first team member but they don’t live up to your expectations? Does this make you a poor hiring manager? Doomed forever?

Nope, and I’m glad you asked.



It’s all about you.

Really, it’s all about your perspective on the experience. One of the biggest elements of running your own coaching business is shifting your mindset. When you step away from blaming others or being a victim of your circumstances, your clients, or anything outside of you, everything shifts.

Possibilities emerge. Opportunities show up.

You’re probably wondering, how can a mis-hire be worth celebrating?

(Just for the record, no, you’re not getting off the hook from hiring another person (or team) who is a better fit for you. Building a team is part of your personal and business growth.)

Shifts happen.

Are you resisting the idea that hiring the right people for your team is your path to growth? Are you resisting hiring a second person because the first hire flopped? If yes, I have questions for you to journal about. Ready?

Ask yourself: What story am I making up here? Is it absolutely-100%-of-the-time true? Is there one example that proves that this story isn’t a Universal Truth?

As your story shifts (because I’m sure it will) about you “not being good at hiring” and your willingness to hire a “less-than-ideal fit” in exchange for the support you really need disappears, it’s time to reflect on what you learned.

Specifically, what part of this experience is your responsibility? How could you have shown up differently (i.e., how would a CEO of a million dollar business have handled this)? How could you have communicated more clearly? Led the process more directly? What else?

Once you’ve reflected, you’re able to create new, non-negotiable standards for your hiring process moving forward.

Now you’ve got a process, a way-this-works. And moving forward, you have a framework from which you can evaluate, grow, and shift.

It’s time to stand back and smile. Look at you, all fancy with hiring standards and processes for that next (awesome) team member. Nice work.



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