Does this sound familiar?

You sit down, pull out your computer, and then…nothing.

You play on the internet, check your email and social media accounts, and then...nothing.

You make a list of your priorities and appointments for the week, and then…nothing.

You may even start to wonder if this running-your-own-business thing is for you. I mean, don’t all of the other business owners jump out of bed each morning, energized from the second they wake up, ready to dig into the opportunities that the new day brings to them?

Nope, they don’t.

You’re completely normal to have doubts, frustrations, and drops in your motivation level.

What matters is what you do next.

Do you sit and stay stuck or flex your mindset muscles to realign yourself so you feel energized and excited about what’s in front of you?



As I shared in the video, there are many ways to upgrade your motivation levels on the days when you feel less-than-excited about what you’re creating.


Four (of my Favorite) Ninja Mindset Tricks:

1. Ask yourself:  How can this be easy? How can this be fun?

When you pose these questions to yourself, your brain immediately tries to find a solution. What would make this project more fun? What is an easy way to move forward?

As humans, we tend to over complicate things (and there’s no benefit to doing so). So, stop doing that, OK?


2.  Seek out new proof.

We all have stories. Good stories, bad stories, you name it.

Likely, you’ve been unintentionally seeking out proof in your everyday life that validate your old stories. My challenge to you is seek out new proof that aligns with how you’d like things to be.

Dream about building a business you love in part-time hours but have an old belief that you have to work long hours and “pay your dues”?  Cool. Seek out examples of people that have built thriving businesses that they love in less than full-time hours.

You’ll always find what you’re looking for, so why not look for proof that you’re dreaming about is possible? Prepare to be amazed by what you find when you seek out proof that you are meant to be successful, to be happy, and that this adventure can be fun.


3. Give away whatever it is you’re seeking.

This may sound crazy, but stick with me here.

Want new clients? More time? More income? Great, give it away.

Shift your focus from you (where your ego wants you to focus) to outside of you.

Focus on your clients. Offer referrals to people that have never sent referrals or connections your way.  Donate to a cause that’s important to you. Give your time away by helping a neighbor or volunteering at the school.

Put your attention on being of service to others and notice how quickly your motivation levels rise.


4. Explore the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states (in my words) that for every front, there’s a back.

For every example of abundance, there’s a corresponding example of lack.

It boils down to looking at your challenge and then trusting that there’s a solution, likely on the polar opposite end of the spectrum that you’re looking at in that moment.


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Time and energy are your most important currencies.


Grab a piece of paper and write down the question you’re working through. Then, flip the paper over and close your eyes.  What’s the polar opposite of what you wrote down? What’s a possible solution? What’s an opposite perspective that you can consider?

The great news is that you’re aware of how important it is to protect – and honor – your energy. Awareness is 99% of the game so you’re doing awesome.

Time and energy are your most important currencies so your goal is to notice when you get out of alignment and then (quickly) take steps to re-align yourself with your vision and where you’re headed.

One of the reasons that I invite clients in the Six Figure Impact® Academy to come together for quarterly retreats is for this very reason: it’s imperative, as business owners, that we regularly realign our actions with our vision so that we protect our energy and honor the impact we’re called to create.  

Please share: What mindset tricks have you found to be helpful when you notice that you’re lacking motivation or feeling disconnected from your business?



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