I get really excited – and connected – to my clients and helping them achieve their goals. I see what’s possible for them, the impact they’ll have (or are having) as they serve more clients, and how they’ll make their mark on the world. I enjoy helping them step into more of being the truest version of themselves.

(That truest version is there, but it’s usually hidden under plenty of stories and “reasons” and the inertia of the world saying it’s best to play small, not go bigger and to not step into what’s truly possible…because, well, that could upset the apple cart.)

And, my goal is always to provide (way) more value than what my clients expect.

My goal is to convert them into Raving Fans because of the high level of support and growth they achieve.

As you know about me by now, I love creating systems and processes. (That’s one thing my clients love about me, too.)  Systems are an easy way to ensure that I stay on target and help my clients keep moving towards their goals, too.

Whenever there’s a stress or a frustration or something that seems to keep slipping through the cracks, it means that there’s an opportunity to create a new standard, system, or boundary.

(Stress and frustration aren’t bad things – they are simply clues.)

Being Curious

So, what does all of this have to do with keeping your best customers?

The fastest way to find out how your program is working for your clients is to regularly ask them.

Survey them.

A few questions to consider:

How can you create a process that allows you to regularly collect feedback from your clients?

What information will be most helpful for you?

What information will be most helpful for your clients to be able to share with you?

What is an easy way for your clients to provide this feedback to you?

My clients take full responsibility for their results and their outcomes. Part of stepping into that leadership role requires asking for what they want and need in a way that honors them and honors the person receiving the feedback.


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The fastest way to find out how your program is working for your clients is to regularly ask them.


Afterall, feedback is just information.

Feedback is a tool.

You may consider setting a reminder for yourself at 3 months into your work with a client to simply ask: “If you had to come up with 3 things that you’d like to see improved or done differently in this program, what would they be?”  

Or your assistant can reach out on your behalf, for a short phone call.

You could do a confidential survey through a tool like SurveyMonkey or (my favorite), JotForm.

The “how” part can be configured in many different ways. The “doing it” part is what matters.

When your clients have a chance to provide feedback and are reminded that you care about their experience and their results, they’ll not only give you what you need to continue to improve your offers but they’ll also be given a chance to pause and reflect on all of the amazing things they’ve already accomplished through working with you. (This is big.)

By asking for feedback you’re also giving your clients a chance to reflect on their specific needs and when they’re clear on that, they can’t help but get better results.

Please share: What are some ways you’ve provided – or received – feedback for programs or trainings in the past that you’d like to model in your business?


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