I hear this a lot: “Should I be faking it until I make it? Is this really how I need to be showing up?”

My answer is yes and no.

I know: clear as mud. The reasons for each are important. Stick with me, you’ll see what I mean.

Your entrepreneurial journey is all about growing yourself, your business, and your impact. Making decisions on what to invest in, who to hire (or fire), and what programs to build as the future version of yourself, you’ll achieve your goals more quickly.

You’re kind of faking the system out, right? Yep, in a good way.

On the other hand, if you make decisions from where you are now or where you’ve been, not only will your growth take much longer, but you’ll stay right where you are. No one has time for that!

In other words, it’s a mistake to make decisions from where you are right now.

The only time I see value in faking it is when you want to carry the energy of your future self into decision-making and situations.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you show up to a networking event after a stressful morning. You could show up as a harried, frustrated woman who got stuck in traffic and who wonders if her business is ever really going to reach six figures.

Is that the kind of energy you want to bring with you?

What if instead, you pause, take several deep breaths, get centered and focused, and then walk into that room as your future self? What a difference!

Let’s be clear: I’m not talking about telling untruths.

Showing up with the energy, confidence, and poise of a six-figure (and beyond) business owner is not a lie. It’s a ninja mindset strategy and you’ll be surprised at how fun it is.

Especially as you’ll notice just how differently people respond to that kind of energy.

Let me share an example.

I remember one client, in particular, that was terrified of networking. Before she entered the meeting, I had her visualize putting on an imaginary maroon, bedazzled jacket, which she loved. As she pictured herself wearing this jacket, she stepped into a persona of a risk-taker. The way she showed up at events felt different. It allowed her to network (which felt “risky” to her).

Eventually, she no longer needed the faux jacket. Why? Because she experienced the positive impacts of showing up as her future self, saw that networking wasn’t as scary as she once thought, and actually made a few friends along the way.

Guess what else she realized? The “risk jacket” allowed her to see that the stories she’d told herself about networking were untrue.

Here’s where “faking it until you make it” doesn’t work for: making up stories, telling untruths (lies).

So, when do you fake it?

First, always be in alignment with your integrity and your values. If something feels wrong, then it’s a “no”. If it feels light and fun, as though you’re stepping into a bigger version of yourself, by all means, fake away!

Think of it this way: what kind of energy do you want to bring to your life and business? Icky, counterfeit energy or vibrant, future-you energy?

Bottom-line: before stepping out on the speaking stage or engaging with that new client, always, always, always tap into that future you. What would that woman say, do, or suggest that the present you wouldn’t? Then, do that.

When you act in alignment with how the future you shows up, you create the impact, results, and income that the future version of you has achieved.

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