As I prepared for speaking at the Midwest Regional Coaches Conference last week, I was incredibly intentional about a few key pieces.

You see, I took the time to think through some very important elements that most people don’t. (As I’ve reflected further, these are the exact reasons that allowed me to grow my business quickly and why my clients can reach their goals with surprising speed.)

So, before we jump in: Have you ever eaten at a Waffle House? It’s one of my daughters favorite restaurants so we go there several times a year.

If you have, then you know that you can order hash browns all sorts of ways: smothered, covered, scattered, chunked….you get the idea. That philosophy works for hash browns but it doesn’t work for running your business.  

And, unfortunately, most coaches are working way too hard – doing too many things – and not seeing the results of their efforts. They are too scattered, smothered and covered to build any real momentum.

Constantly feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated are symptoms that you’ve fallen prey to what I call “The Waffle House Approach”.  

Does that sound familiar?

Instead of trying to do every single one of your great ideas at once, let’s pick a few of them and do them really well, ok?

Since you’re here, I’m pretty sure that you’re serious about creating more income and impact in your business and, quite honestly, you’re tired of feeling tired.  

When you dial in your focus, even just slightly, in these three areas, you’ll witness BIG results in a small amount of time.


Shift #1:  Get clear about your desired outcomes and set clear goals

You’ve heard the saying “begin with the end in mind” at least 100 times, right? There’s good reason that you’ve heard it so many times: it’s true. When you’re clear about what you’d like to achieve, your options and next steps become more obvious.  

Does option A lead me closer to my stated goal? If it does, then move forward with it.  If it doesn’t, then you can confidently filter that option out (for now) and pursue it later.

Before leaving for the conference, I was clear about my desired outcomes. My goals included a set number of new client conversations, seeding that Six Figure Impact LIVE registration will be open soon (event is in October, mark your calendar!), adding a specific number of new people to my email marketing list AND seeing if any sponsors of this event would be a potential fit to also sponsor Six Figure Impact LIVE.  

Do you notice how different that is, rather than just showing up, speaking, and hoping that awesome things happen?


Shift #2:  Show up as the Future Version You

You know that wildly successful version of you that’s 5 or 10 years ahead of where you are now? Yep, that version of you. Step into, and own her confidence, presence, and allow yourself to show up as if you’re her already.

The sooner you act like the future version of you that you’re working towards, the sooner you create the results that she’s created.  

Several years ago I attended a Regional Coaches Conference and at least 10 people asked me if I was speaking, based on how I showed up. I didn’t wear frumpy clothes, I wore a dress that I felt really good in and that challenged me to show up as a speaker (even though, at the time, I wasn’t presenting).

I even went ahead and confidently shared with several coaches I met that while I wasn’t speaking at that conference, I would be speaking at the upcoming Global Conference. The Global Conference dates and location hadn’t even been announced yet.

And, you know what? The more I said it, the more I believed it.  And since I believed it, I took the steps necessary and was, in fact, on stage the following year as a speaker at the Global Conference. 

Yep, true story. This stuff works.


Shift #3:  Give yourself permission to be strategic

Basically, this shift is about giving yourself full permission to be authentic and intentional. Having a plan is your best friend.

I know, I know, you started your own business because you wanted freedom and didn’t want to have to follow a system or a plan. (If I may ask….how’s that working out for you?)

So, as a speaker at the conference this week, I could’ve shown up for my presentation and then went back to my room. (I have to admit that I used to do that, clinging to my story that I was introverted and need to protect my energy.)

Did I do that? Of course not!  


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The very systems that you’re resisting are the exact ones that will give you the freedom you’re looking for.


Since I was clear about what my dream outcomes from the event were, I made a point to attend presentations throughout the week that would appeal to my ideal client. I met many ideal clients this way.

I went out of my way to see who the sponsors were and to see if they aligned with the goals and message for Six Figure Impact LIVE 2018.

I took intentional steps, knew what to offer as a next step, AND had fun in the process. It may sound contradictory, but I invite you to consider that the very systems that you’re resisting are the exact ones that will give you the freedom you’re looking for.

So, what’s next?

Well, my assignment for you, if you’re truly tired of being tired and ready to create some meaningful results in your business (without working harder), is this: shift your focus to align with these three principles and take consistent action for the next two weeks. Yes, two weeks.

Then, be prepared to witness a massive impact in your results without working any harder.  

Thanks for being you.



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