As you know, I’m not one to sugarcoat the truth. I’m here to help you see, grow, and create the business that you dream about.

And, growth doesn’t always feel *magical* (or like rainbows, skittles and unicorns). In fact, sometimes it feels not-so-great.

Part of running your business – and being a leader in your life – is noticing when you feel stuck and then taking action to realign yourself with your bigger why, YOUR Six Figure Impact®, your purpose.

Letting your emotions drive the bus doesn’t serve you-or your clients. I’m not suggesting you ignore them (your emotions), but instead tune into them and then intentionally choose to move in the direction towards your goals.

So, today’s video won’t surprise you…and it’s a bit more vulnerable than usual. It’s vulnerable with the purpose of inspiring you to keep moving forward, and not stay stuck.

Please click below to discover what it means when you feel stuck and how to get unstuck with grace and ease.



As I share with my clients, and remind myself: being stuck is a choice. And, not a very fun one at that.

When you notice that you feel out of alignment, or “stuck”, I have an easy-to-follow process that will allow you to recharge your momentum.


1. Lean in to your community.

Whether you’re part of a mastermind, coaching group, or something else, don’t be afraid to LEAN on them. Trying to build your business in isolation is not only one of the biggest deterrents to growth, but it’s also a disservice to others that can learn and be inspired by your questions and being able to support you on your journey.

I lean into my coach, my mastermind, and my accountability partners. I love witnessing members of the Six Figure Impact® Academy support each other.


2. Get outside!

Take a walk, go for a run, or find a new coffee house to work from. Fresh air has a magical healing and perspective-shifting power.


3. Make a decision!

The “land-of-indecision” is not a fun place so don’t stay there long.

Ask yourself: what decision am I resisting? Am I approaching this decision from a perspective of fear (lack) or love? Get curious about what each perspective looks like and choose the one that most aligns with where you’re headed (hint: it’ll be the latter).

I made 3 big decisions today: I confirmed the location for Six Figure Impact LIVE 2018 (deets coming soon) by putting down a deposit on the space, I made a decision about a team member I had been resisting and also committed to new boundaries and standards that will allow me to serve my clients at a higher level. Guess what? I felt so much energy after I took steps on each of those pieces and was finally able to release the back and forth energy of “not knowing” what to do.


4. Take time to reflect on your big business and life vision (I call this your Six Figure Impact®).

What’s your reason for building your business? What’s the impact you want to make? What are you dreaming about (specifically) – in terms of more freedom, income, and impact in your life? And, how does your business support your Six Figure Impact®?

It’s never really just about the money. It’s about what the money gives you. So, if you’re tempted to say, “I want to make six figures because I want the money”, my challenge for you is to go deeper and look at what having that amount of money flow through your business allows you to be, to do, and to have.


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Part of running your business – and being a leader in your life – is noticing when you feel stuck and then taking action to realign yourself with your bigger why, YOUR Six Figure Impact®, your purpose.


Ok, that’s it!

Now you know HOW to get unstuck and that being stuck is an inevitable part of growth.  You don’t have to stay in Stuckville for a long time, it’s completely up to you.

Smile when you notice your stuckness because there’s something really great that’s about to emerge in the form of new clarity, income, and impact for you. In fact, I wonder what amazing opportunity is just around the corner for you?

Celebrate your stuckness and then get on with making some important decisions while you’re sitting outside and getting some fresh air.



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