What if I told you that summer can be your most profitable season of the year?

What if I told you that even though people may have vacations and graduations, they are still willing – and excited – to invest in their results?

What if I told you that “the Dog Days of Summer” is a bunch of you-know-what?


Great news: It can be, they are, and it is.

On a group call with clients in the Six Figure Impact® Academy a week ago, this very question came up:

“Should I really attend networking events and schedule meetings this time of year?”

Next, I asked her what she thought. Then I shared with her that if she’s expecting to see a slow month, then that’s exactly what she’ll experience.

Imagine how you want June, July, August – or any month, for that matter – to look.

And then look for the easiest ways to make it happen. (That’s called leadership and running-your-own-business-ship.)

As in the case with this client, we uncovered not only new opportunities to bring in cash before the clock strikes midnight on August 31st, but we also found a lot of money on the table.

Yep, you read that correctly: money that was literally sitting on her kitchen table and she just needed to take some action to allow it into her business.


So, what is money on the table and how can you find some in your business?

Great question.

The first place to look is at the money that’s already owed to you. Follow up on outstanding invoices: call, email, and collect what’s outstanding.

What about putting down a deposit or pre-payment (at a special rate) for services that are scheduled for a time in the future? (Sometimes there’s even a tax or budgeting advantage to customers if they submit payment in advance of when they’re scheduled to pay.)

The second place to look is to run through your list of “not yet’s” that you’re tracking. (You are tracking all of your sales conversations and the passerby’s that mention they want to work with you “someday,” right?)

Look at each person that said “I want to work with you…” and then nothing happened.

Don’t forget to reach out to the people that said “not yet” earlier this year and call them, too. Let them know that you’re thinking of them and wanted to see how you can support them on their quest to live a more amazing life.


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What if I told you that summer can be your most profitable season of the year?


Making money can be easy. It can even be fun.

Is there a custom package that you’ve been dying to create?

A one-day VIP offer that you’d like to extend to the fence sitters that haven’t said “yes” quite yet?

One of the most fantastic things about running your own business is that you can create income when you want to. There are zero restrictions.

Only opportunities.

Can I prove those stories in your head to be false, please?

If you think there’s little cash available to you, then I have an assignment that’ll disprove your hypothesis.

Assignment: Brainstorm a list of 40+ ways that you can bring in at least $500 in the next 30 days. Do not stop until you get to 40.

No idea is off limits (that’s why you can’t stop before 40…it forces you to uncover every idea that exists).

And then what? Comb through your list and circle the best ideas on the page. (“Best” is defined as being easy, fun, and associated with a substantial amount of income relative to your other ideas).

You’ll be amazed about what you uncover: there are plenty of ways to bring income into your business. Lots of ways. Lots of income.

What’s the biggest potential roadblock? You.

Cheers to getting out of your own way and allowing your creativity to take charge.

Happy income-ing.


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