One of my all time favorite parts of working with my clients? Helping them see the value that they deliver and stand confident in the amazing service they deliver to their clients.

There’s nothing better than witnessing their inner work pay off and having clients see, maybe for the first time, that they have so much to give and a responsibility to show up, be seen, and invite their clients along the journey.

It’s a pretty cool ripple effect, if you ask me.

Many of the marketing gurus out there will tell you to raise your rates, raise your rates, and then raise them some more. But, here’s one important component that’s missing.

It’s THE component that will either propel you forward to raise your rates with integrity or keep you at a low price point, exchanging dollars per hour…



If you’re like my clients (and I think you are), you place a high value on being authentic, walking with integrity and showing up in a way that’s congruent with your values in all that you do.

You aren’t afraid to be challenged but you are afraid of showing up in a way that may be perceived as “salesy” or untrue. (I completely understand.)

When you’re clear on the value you deliver and the “why” behind the investment level of working with you, you’ll stand taller and with greater confidence.

You’ll discover that you’re inviting your clients to invest in themselves (not give you money).

Excitement for your client will be your immediate reaction to a client saying “yes” because you know that they, too, see their own value (and that they, and their goals, matter).

If you’re struggling with the advice of “raise your rates”, start with getting clear on the value that you deliver.

Beware, though, when you get clear on this part, you’ll pretty much be unstoppable when it comes to increasing the investment levels for your programs and packages.


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If you’re struggling with the advice of “raise your rates”, start with getting clear on the value that you deliver.


Own the Value You Deliver

When you see your value and what’s possible for your clients when they say “yes!” to what they want most in their lives or business by working with you, things shift.

(They shift big time.)

You no longer see sales as slimy, icky, or pushy. You see sales as service.

“Hi, I have some value. Would you like some?” Viewing sales through this lens, it becomes evident that not helping is selfish.

As you grow and expand, you get to invite your current clients to come along with you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Program benefits + Clients’ value = No brainer


Be Vulnerable

Instead of wallowing in loss and sadness, I’m inviting you to approach your current clients with compassion and love. Before you have a conversation with them about how your business is shifting, write down why the changes are awesome for them. Get clear on how, exactly, these changes will benefit them and align with their goals.

Then share that with them. Invite them.

While you walk forward with positive expectation, also walk forward without being attached to the outcome. Share the value, how your new services benefit them…and then, release.

How can you move forward without leaving your favorite clients behind? Here are three options to consider (as shared in the video):

1. Offer your new programs only to new clients


2. Invite your existing clients to move to your new programs at the new investment levels


3. Invite your existing clients to join in the new program at special, legacy client, investment levels


Always aim to meet your clients where they are and then invite them to expand and grow with you.

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